phone display kiosk
cell phone display kiosk

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Cellphone Kiosk

High End Cellphone Kiosk Custom Mall Phone Display Counter

Blue and white display phone showcase customize cell phone booth

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With the continuous development of science and technology, electronic products play a very important role in people's lives. This is a very profitable market. If you want to engage in this industry, it is very important to choose a good-looking kiosk to catch more people's attention. There is a new one for your reference.


Product Name

Phone display kiosk


White and blue






mdf with baking paint, tempered glass

Production  time

25-30 workdays




PayPal,western union,T/T, assurance credit


The main tone of this kiosk is blue and white. There are many scientific and technological sense.

It consists of several display counters. On its front side, there is a hollow outside square. It increases a more innovative and elegant sense. The counter is very practical, which can equipped with a glass panel and groove plate. It supports customizing according to your business.

phone display kiosk

The back side of the counter has a big storage space, which allows you to keep your countertop clean and replenish your inventory quickly.

phone display kiosk

Customized logo

The logo style option are available. Such as the 3d, hallow out and so on. we will choose matched one according to your signage real situation or your needs.

phone display kiosk


There is a TV player and a light box. They can play a role in publicity, let the customer know your product's features, at the same time, also have better decoration effects, look more upscale.

phone display kiosk


This kiosk finishes with mdf with baking paint, the surface is shiny and smooth. It looks very high end. What’s more, it doesn't oxidize easily and has a long service life.

phone display kiosk

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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