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Functional Phone Kiosk 3d Design Display Showcase in Retail for Sale

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Functional Phone Kiosk 3d Design Display Showcase in Retail for Sale


In the age of electronic devices, mobile phones are very common in our lives. Many people will seize this opportunity to carry out their business plans.

The most important thing to sell a mobile phone is to choose a good brand. A good brand will have a positive sales effect.

We first need to position our own brand, and then go to the mall to find a suitable location to sell mobile phones.

After you got the space, you can order a kiosk to sell your goods.

Next, I will introduce a kiosk to you as a reference



Phone Kiosk

The phone kiosk can sell the iPad and the phone. The front of the kiosk has a logo with light. And it is the acrylic logo. And the back of the kiosk has a huge wall. At the top of the wall, it has a logo that catches one's eye. And next, it has display racks which can display the goods.

The side of the kiosk has display shelves that are glass. And it has hooks which can display your goods. The opposite side has the same structure.

The bottom of the kiosk has a led light strip, it can make the whole kiosk more bright. Inside of the kiosk is a storage which can store the goods.


Production Process

We need to do the wooden cabinet according to the drawing firstly. Then polish the surface to make it more smooth. The final step is to install the logo, light strip and etc...


Inside the package, we use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the cabinet. We need to make the outer package which is made of a wooden cabinet.


production process

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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