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Blue and white display phone showcase customize cell phone booth

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Phone Kiosk Design Glass Showcase in Mall for Sale

High End Cellphone Kiosk Custom Mall Phone Display Counter

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Mobile phones are now a must-have for our communication. People have shifted from looking for functionalization to looking for a more beautiful appearance of mobile phones. In order to grab more customers, businesses are constantly racking their brains to think of various methods. And a design display kiosk can also help you attract customers' first impression.

phone kiosk


Our kiosk focuses on high-end and minimalist styles. It is no longer like some previous designs that seek to display as many mobile products as possible but to display boutique products. You can also observe from our design drawings that those with aluminum trough plates are displayed in the showcase. Basically not used at this time.

cellphone display counter

The whole is a three-color combination of black, gray, and white. You can display not only mobile phones but also other digital technology products such as tablets or laptops. If you have more needs, we will customize the design for you according to your requirements to meet your personal use requirements.

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The biggest highlight of this kiosk is the staggered combination display cabinet. The longer sides are black cabinets, but the top is no longer a transparent glass cover but a transparent glass is installed from the middle, which expands the surrounding field of vision and does not limit the top area. . The two ends are ordinary laminate counters, and all mobile phone products are used with separate display stands, which are orderly and tidy.

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The most prominent part is the brand display showcase. Each layer is a cross and staggered structure. The inside is also posted with your poster, and the glass cover is used on the outside to place your products in it, which is very eye-catching.

phone display showcase

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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