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Custom Phone Kiosk & Phone Accessories Kiosk Mall Kiosk Design in Mall for Sale

phone kiosk

High-end Phone Kiosk & Phone Accessories Kiosk Professional 3d Design

Retail phone accessory display kiosk high quality mobile phone display counter

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Anti- displays are a customized furniture factory and we could have a professional design team. Our designer could do a unique design to fit your business. You could feel free to let me know your requirements and we will show them in the 3d design. There is a new kiosk, it can be used to display phone accessories and pictures. If you have the same request, Please check the kiosk as follows.

phone display kiosk


The main tone of kiosk is white and black. These two colors are very classical and deeply loved by most customers.

Display counter: The kiosk consists of several display counters. They are all sloping type display counters. They can greatly show the features of products, which is very convenient for your customers to choose their preferred product.

phone display kiosk

And we could make the panels in different sizes to suit your business. When we do the design, you can tell our salesman what you will sell.

Cash counter: Like other kiosks, there is a small cash counter, which allows your customers to order here.

Big storage space: the back side of the counter has several storage cabinets. You could place your inventory or documents here.

Logo: as you can see, there is a 3d light logo. It is very catchy and you could share your logo with ourselves. When we do the 3d design, you could check its effect.

phone display kiosk

Light System

we use the light system as follow:

light system


The main material uses the high density wood, it has better bearing performance and can sever you a long time.

phone display kiosk material

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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