phone kiosk

High-end Phone Kiosk Phone Display Counter Glass Showcase for Sale

phone kiosk

High-end Phone Kiosk & Glass Display Showcase with Professional 3d Design

Functional Phone Kiosk Glass Showcase Mall Kiosk 3D Design

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Functional Phone Kiosk Glass Showcase Mall Kiosk 3D Design


Mobile phones play a very important role in our lives. Most of us are inseparable from mobile phones, and the market for mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger. So most people can seize this opportunity to start their business.

You need to find what phone product you want to sell and the whether the product can bring benefit.  Then find a space in the mall and start your business.


And after you get the space, you need to find a kiosk to start your business.

Phone Kiosk

The kiosk includes the display area, storage area, and advertising area. The front of the kiosk is a circled shape ( C shape). The front of the case is has a glass top that can display your product. The front of the C counter has a lightbox, which can advertise your product. You can put your posters on the front counter. And the back of the front counter has a drawer which can store the goods.

display showcase

Wall Counter, the top of the wall display stand has a lightbox which is a soft film lightbox. And you can print your poster and advertise your goods. The bottom of the wall cabinet is storage which includes many drawers.

Floor, The floor will make the whole layout more tidy and clean. And we will install the electric line on the floor, and then can connect the wire to the stand.


3D Design

We are a custom manufacturer, and we will make the whole kiosk according to your requirements. We have a professional design team and will make a 3d design according to your requirements first. Then you will see the whole effect.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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