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Practical Cellphone Kiosk Simple Style Mobile Phone Counter

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Technology has changed people's lives, and mobile phones have greatly affected life, which is perfectly reflected in communication and shopping. We choose to buy mobile phones to be more convenient, so the display showcases you sell mobile phones also need to make the shopping experience simple and convenient for customers, and this kiosk fits this concept very well.

Practical Cellphone Kiosk


First of all, we observed this kiosk from the appearance of the design drawing. It is a practical design, unlike some kiosks we designed in the past, which focused on appearance and appearance. Of course, the color matching of the entire kiosk design is still very beautiful. Many parts of the kiosk theme are used to display products. It is a kiosk that mainly sells cellphone products.

phone kiosk

In the design of this phone kiosk, the first thing you will notice is the comparison column inside, we will use it as the area of ​​your main product, the top is designed as a large logo lightbox, and the bottom is a three-layer product display area so that It can not only play the role of display but also attract the attention of customers.

Practical Cellphone Kiosk

Since the size of the kiosk is not very large, the space of the door we designed is relatively small to maximize the display space. As much as possible, you can display as many mobile phones as possible. Of course, there are still repair stations and workbenches. You can also use them as cashiers. In front of this counter, we put your logo, because the interior needs Do cabinets and drawers, so it can't be designed in the form of a clear glass display.

Practical Cellphone Kiosk

In order to let customers see your products clearly, we choose a high-definition transparent glass display and add LED light strips at the bottom of each layer, which greatly improves the illumination.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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