Double-sided Vertical LED lighting Box Soft Film Billboard

Double-sided Vertical LED lighting Box Soft Film Billboard

Customized Frameless Aluminum Billboard For UV Ceiling fabric Card Cloth Light Box

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Product parameter

Light source/LED lens light: can be customized

Warranty: 2 years, 5 years for partial customization

Brightness: 1500~1800LX

Power: 35W/square

Color temperature: 6000~7000K

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: silver, black

Size: can be customized

Thickness: 4/6/8/10/12cm

Installation method: wall, vertical, hanging, side hanging, ceiling, pillar, etc.

Applicable places: shopping malls, shops, exhibitions, streets, media, and other indoor and outdoor places

The fabric lightbox is an advertising light box named after the material. Because the surface material of the lightbox is made of imported high-definition UV spraying of the fabric in the painted material, it is called the fabric lightbox. Because the soft silicone strip is sewn around the UV fabric, it can be easily inserted into the aluminum groove of the lightbox. This is also a kind of advertising light box that businesses use more today.

Cooperative brand

7 Advantage Of Fabric Light Box

  1. Flexible customization

The conventional width is less than 3.2 meters, the width is 5 meters, there is no joint, and the length is unlimited.

  1. High brightness and energy saving

The power consumption per square meter is 40-65W, which is one-eight lower than the power consumption of traditional lightboxes, with uniform lighting and no dark spots.

  1. The lightbox picture is high-definition and realistic

Imported UV machine equipment, with higher image quality.

  1. Easy to change the lightbox screen

As long as the soft silicon strips of the UV fabric silicon strips of the UV soft film are clipped into the 4 corners first, and then gradually slipped into the middle from both ends, the maintenance cost of the advertiser is greatly reduced.

  1. Long service life

The aluminum profile has strong corrosion resistance, high structural hardness, and easy assembly.

  1. Easy to install

The unique corner design is cut at 45 degrees and can be assembled at will.

  1. Low maintenance cost.

Adopt imported original chip, IP value 65, high brightness, long use time, low light attenuation. High heat dissipation.

LightBox Style

Craft customization

Outdoor customization

Brightness customization

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Aluminum alloy
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