Classical Chinese Door Head Decoration Advertising Signs Double-Sided Luminous

Classical Chinese Door Head Decoration Advertising Signs Double-Sided Luminous

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Customized Light Box & Storefront Sign in Retail Store for Sale

Stainless Steel Outdoor Signboard Round Logo Custom

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Material Description:

The characteristic of the electroplating process is to make the color present a metal-like texture, and the electroplating color can be realized on the stainless steel surface with different surface textures. Commonly used electroplating colors are yellow titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, black titanium, and so on.

Process: Laser cutting / manual welding

Texture: Round brushed texture

Box thickness: 5-7cm

Inner pad material: Acrylic

Light source: White light/warm light/yellow light

Production time: 7-10 days

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light box sign

light box

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In the stainless steel lightbox, the sides are welded and polished manually to minimize the light leakage rate. The acrylic filter treatment makes the light source softer.

light box

light boxesProduct Details

The electroplating process gives the color a metallic texture.

Outdoor waterproof material, it can easily deal with all kinds of weather.

High-brightness LED lights have a long service life.

Laser hollow design, concave three-dimensional impression.

Commonly used plating colors

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Stainless steel
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