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Fashion Hanging Aluminum Alloy Frame Advertising Light Box Restaurant Menu Board

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Walking on the streets and shopping malls, you can see all kinds of advertising and menu boards hanging in front of various shops. When we wandered in some food stalls and food courts, our eyes were also attracted by these first. It can be seen that if you plan to start your kiosk business or a new store, the advertising menu is a must.

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Menu Boards Description

This product is very useful. If you have a sufficient budget, you can buy an advertising machine to promote and display your menus and advertisements. If your budget is limited, then this product is very suitable. It can be used as a lightbox, billboard, or as a menu for your food stalls.

restaurant menu board


We use an aluminum alloy structural frame for this product, which has good overall load-bearing performance, is resistant to deformation and wear. And built-in drive transformer, the appearance is generous and tidy, and it looks more beautiful.

 Aluminum Alloy Frame Advertising Light Box

The suspension bracket is flexible and can be rotated 320 degrees, and the angle can be adjusted at will, making it more convenient for you to use.

Easy Installation

This kind of ultra-thin billboard one isn’t enough for you to use, if you want to use multiple pieces of splicing, it is also very convenient. Just connect the wire connectors on the back in series, and then stick the connecting block into the slot, and several TV billboards are connected.

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Not only can the billboards be connected to each other and used in combination, but the top hanging method is also very simple to install. It can be installed horizontally, vertically, or at an oblique angle to the wall. How easy it is for you to install it depends on how you use it.

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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