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UV Fabic Light Box Outdoor Rainproof Double-sided Luminous Led Advertisting Sign

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Useful UV Fabric Light Boxes Large Advertising Window Double Sided Light Box

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UV fabric light box screen from imported double ink UV printing, no volatile toxic and harmful gases; Strong three-dimensional image quality, bright color lasting, the color can be maintained for up to 10 years in the indoor, and can also be used outdoors. Under the back lamp lighting, you can show the indoor advertising picture incisively and vividly, and can let your product quickly attract the eyes of customers. Importantly, it can change the screen information at any time, easy to install.

Description of the UV fabric light box

This is one double side UV fabric light box, so two side can be put the pictures. It is very easy for you to change the picture. Whatever which contents and patterns you make on the picture, the UV fabric can show it very well. Its size is 450*300cm, and the base is straight. It is very convenient for you to move to any places and it can be dismountable. The material of the picture can be heat transfer printing, UV soft film, fine weave textile cloth etc.

Easy disassembly - side light installation

  1. Side light kumite lamp - if it is larger size, the light stripcan be added in the middle.
  2. Buckle design, beautiful and save time, easy to disassemble.

Easy to disassemble - backlight installation

  1. The double-sided backlight is fixed in the light box.
  2. Buckle pull light strip, which is convenient, fast and stable.

Personalized selection - Base screen

  1. Straight base
  2. Triangle base

Double - sided card - in replacement screen, convenient and fast

Light box installation

The installation is very easy, only 4 steps.

Real effect in factory

Cooperation cases

We have cooperated with many customers, and our main market is USA, UK, Australia, European etc. These are some feedback from our customers of different countries. We are not only making light boxes, we are helping you build a brand image.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials UV Fabric
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