Customize Mirror Stainless Steel Luminous Word Light Box Hollow Plaque

Customize Mirror Stainless Steel Luminous Word Light Box Hollow Plaque

Outdoor LED Neon Signage

Outdoor LED Neon Signage Acrylic LED Lightbox

LED Crystal Slim Sign Indoor Business Window Signage

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Billboards are very heavy in our impression, and they are not very convenient to use in many scenes. Therefore, we designed this ultra-thin bright LED illuminated billboard for your reference, and it has a variety of combined use functions. You can choose independently.

LED Crystal Slim Sign


When you see the design drawing of this sign, you will think it is a luminous photo frame. But in fact, this is a billboard, which can not only be displayed but can also be combined into a large advertising billboard and hung on the wall. Unlike the traditional billboard material, this lightbox is an LED crystal lightbox. The surface material is no longer an acrylic panel, but a more transparent crystal material.

led light box

The color of the displayed picture is brighter and more uniform. The back frame is made of aluminum alloy. The new technology is strong and durable. We will also provide you with customized services according to your requirements and do special shape processing. In order to enhance your sense of use, we cut and polish the rounded corners of the face frame, so that the decorative edges can be brighter and more transparent without scratching your hands.

LED signage

The accessories use chrome-plated nib advertising nail hardware, starting from the details, making the product more durable. The light-emitting design adopts the combination of V-cut light guide plate technology and gradual engraving technology to make the overall light emission more uniform.

LED slim sign


Diversified application scenarios make this product more popular. It can be placed on a countertop as a display of order prices; it can also be hung on the wall to display corporate culture, personal information, company structure profiles, etc.; it can also be hung with a steel wire hanging rack, which can be used as a product signboard and menu in the store. Meet your multiple needs.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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