LED Milk Tea Shop Menu Card Bar Prices List Menu Board Display Billboard

LED Milk Tea Shop Menu Card Bar Prices List Menu Board Display Billboard

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Simple LED Menu Light Box Modern Restaurant Luminous Order Card

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Order board, a store sign and face of the restaurant, which is the attractive point. A good order card can be more perfect to highlight the characteristics of a restaurant, and add luster to your business. It is necessary to design your popular and hot selling food order card or menu to catch the customers’ eyes.

Description of the menu board

The shop takes good use of the wall to make the menu board. All kinds of the food of the shop is shown together, and they are luminous, because the menu board is the light box. In this way, people will see so much delicious food clearly and order what they want to eat. The menu light box size can be adjusted according to your wall space.

Product show

The introduction shows you the information of the light box.

Why choose us

  1. Magnetic suction diagram, it is convenient and fast. Alift, a cover is okay and can save time and trouble.
  2. We use super bright beads, it is uniform light, durable, and has longer service life.


Name: Wireless strong magnetic LED ordering light box

Material: Organic transparent board

Frame size: 1.2cm

Thickness of the product: 1.5cm

Border color: Black

Output voltage: 12V

Principle: It came from Ipad

The light source technology: Ultra bright LED patch technology

Light technology: Side-entry light source technology

Installation technology: Wireless strong magnetic technology

The input voltage: 220 v to 12 v


1. Install backstrip

Ordinary walls can be fixed with screws, such as glass, marble, ceramic tile and other fragile materials, need to use glass glue solidification (glass glue generally takes about 12 hours to cure)

2. Connect the power supply

Caution When connecting the power cable, the positive pole and the negative pole are red and blue respectively. To avoid incorrect connection, please distinguish the positive and negative poles on the wall so that the power cable can be correctly connected, and so on.

3. Connecting LEDtransformer

4.Install light box to back strip

The product adopts magnetic suction design, more firm, to ensure that the light box does not fall off in long-term use.

Customer effect

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Organic transparent board
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