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Outdoor Waterproof Light Box Led Ultra-thin Outdoor Wall Hanging Type With Lock

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The lightbox is a very beautiful form of advertising, its cost is not high, and the installation is very simple. Many people choose lightboxes as billboards. There are many types of lightboxes and installation methods. Below I will introduce the wall-mounted lightboxes, which need to be installed on the wall.

led light box

This kind of lightbox is waterproof and can be used safely outdoors.

3 Core Advantages

  1. With a lock at the bottom to prevent theft.
  2. Outdoor waterproof, long service life
  3. It is very easy to open and change the picture

light box

Anti-theft design with lock

led light

Open the picture change

The picture is reversed to the inside of the panel

Waterproof and windproof design

Triple waterproof structure design from outer-frame to inner

display stand

Ultra-thin frame design

Aluminum alloy material, oxidized black, wall thickness 50MM

light box sign

Two colors available

Product Size


Light source: high-brightness LED light bar

Brightness: 6000-9000K

Power: 20W per square meter

Color: silver, black

Material: Aluminum alloy profile

Applicable places: catering shops, exhibition venues, shopping malls and banks, etc. wall decoration promotion

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Aluminum alloy
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