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Double-sided Vertical LED lighting Box Soft Film Billboard

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A lightbox is a tool that people often use in the publicity process. It has a lot of styles, materials, and types. In addition to hanging and pasting styles, vertical styles are also often used. The panels usually use acrylic with good light transmission. Today, we introduce to you a different LED lighting box. For your reference.

LED lighting box

Soft Film LED lighting Box

From the name of the product, you can see the mystery of the lightbox at a glance. The biggest difference between this lightbox and other styles is also here. The surface material no longer uses acrylic, and your promotional content does not need to be printed separately. It is directly printed on the soft film, it can be used immediately by installing it around the lightbox frame, saving a step in the middle.

UV sign

In order to better install the soft film material, the frame of this lightbox will be made of metal or stainless steel. As long as the soft film is stuck in the reserved frame seam, it can be used immediately. There won't be any gaps in the surroundings to transmit light.

LED lighting box

Don't worry that the lightbox painting will be broken. The soft film has a certain degree of flexibility. After spreading out around it, it can be matched with the light to display the content on the billboard more clearly.

Soft film LED box

Due to the double-sided lighting, the installation of the light source will also be different. We usually install the LED lamp beads around the inside of the metal frame, so that both sides can emit light normally, which is very energy-saving and energy-saving.

Soft film lighting box

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal and UV
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