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Fancy LED Writing Billboard Illuminated Fluorescent Neon Sign

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When we pass by some food stalls and night markets, we often see illuminated menus handwritten by the stall owners. You must be curious about how they work and why they will glow in different colors after they are written. Let me give you a detailed introduction today for your reference.

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LED Fluorescent Signage Details

This vertical billboard designed by us is very convenient. It is different from many styles introduced before. This one not only promotes your product but more importantly, it can be directly handwritten without printing to replace the internal poster. It can also replace your The content is displayed in different colors.

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This product uses an ultra-clear panel, which can clearly display the content you write. A high-brightness LED flash is installed inside, so you can use the remote control to control the dimming when you use it, which is very convenient. The exterior is made of an exquisite matte frame or aluminum alloy material, and the strong frame makes it more stable against falling.

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When you are using it, the handwriting is very clear when the lights are not turned on during the day. At night, it will be a good helper for your promotion and attract the attention of customers.

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Custom Services

We have designed a variety of styles for you to choose from, including plug-in models, rechargeable models, ordinary assembly models, dual-power charging integrated models, ordinary plug-in integrated models, charging voice models, and so on. The size can also be customized for you according to your requirements, which is very convenient.

LED screen board

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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