Stainless Steel Outdoor Signboard Round Logo Custom

Stainless Steel Outdoor Signboard Round Logo Custom

magnetic light box

Ultra-thin magnetic light box hanging wall type light box billboard hanging type

Customized Light Box & Storefront Sign in Retail Store for Sale

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Customized Light Box & Storefront Sign in Retail Store for Sale


There are six series of soft film lightboxes: smooth surface, satin surface, translucent surface, basic film, suede surface, metal surface, and punching surface. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and many types for designers to choose from. Suitable for the requirements of various occasions. Breakthrough the limitations of traditional smallpox.


Adapt to the occasion:

 First: It can be seen on the side of the road or on a street light pole during the day, and turning on the power of the lightbox at night can also play a role in publicity.

  Two: At each entrance of a business or shopping mall, lighting is a secondary function, and the main function is the publicity function that is both beautiful and usable.


  Three: Other places that need to be illuminated with soft light, and have the effect of beautifying the space.

You can see the lightbox which is the hollow-out logo, which makes the lightbox more unique. The surface of the lightbox is stainless steel. The middle of the lightbox has curved words. In order to make the lighted effect, the inside of the lightbox has led light.


Customization process

Consultation: Contact the customer for a detailed consultation, and both parties confirm the specific specifications, materials, quantities, and prices.


Design file: We need logo file CDR/AI, PDF format (resolution above 400) for us. We will make the renderings to check with you.

Product production: Our production time is generally 7-10 working days. If the process is more complicated, the production time needs to be extended.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials stainless steel
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