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Outdoor Waterproof Light Box Led Ultra-thin Outdoor Wall Hanging Type With Lock

Outdoor Waterproof Light Box Led Ultra-thin Outdoor Wall Hanging Type With Lock

Outdoor LED Neon Signage Acrylic LED Lightbox

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When a new restaurant company opens, we will design and produce a distinctive billboard to promote it. Therefore, the unique and representative billboard has become the object of people's pursuit. Today, I will introduce you to a unique design billboard.

LED light box


After seeing many ordinary billboards, we will also want to design some different advertising signs. In fact, this is also a disguised promotion for your restaurant or business. Many of the billboards we designed before changing the color of the entire lightbox by changing the color of the internal light strip. Today we change our concept and use a different lightbox outer frame material to change the light-emitting color.

acrylic signage

When you see our design drawings, you will suddenly realize. This is a lightbox made of acrylic material. It changes the previous idea of ​​using stainless steel to make the outer frame. It can make the lights around the lightbox shine, and the light transmission performance is more perfect.

LED lighting box

Acrylic LED light box

Your logo can be printed directly on the acrylic material, and the LED tube with waterproof performance is used inside, instead of a separate LED lamp bead, so that the light source is more saturated and even.


Products such as making lightboxes are basically custom products, so before you start, you need to send us your requirements, ideas, and logo files, and then we will make designs for you according to your needs. After you confirm the design, we will officially produce it.

LED light box

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Acrylic
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