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Styling Station for Barber Station with Professional 3D Design for Sale

barber station

Hot Sale Styling Station & Brown Wood Barber Shop Furniture with mirror

Styling Station Barber Station with Professional Design for Sale

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Barbershops have always been profitable businesses, selling services, technology, and time. And these do not need money cost. As long as you have good skills, you can definitely do well in the hairdressing industry.

The barbershop, like other shops, invests the transfer fee in the early stage to rent and renovate the equipment and monthly utility bills, and other expenses. But the barbershop does not need to store money to purchase goods, which greatly guarantees the liquidity of the store.

If you want to open a shop, you need to order suitable shop furniture. Because different decoration styles will have different shop furniture. Furniture includes a barber station, cash register, and display stand. What I want to introduce to you today is the barber station.

Barber Station

In the barber station we will use MDF as the main material, the surface we use the baking paint. You can see the barber station includes much space to put their tools.

barber station


The side of the barber station has many drawers that display the tools and store the product. We all know that front of the barber station is a mirror. You can see the whole mirror take up the whole barber station. The whole barber station is white, if you want a black, we also can help you do it. For the unique stands, the top is a cabinet and can store some tools. If you want to add the led light in the barber station, we also can assist you to do it. The size is 800*800*1800mm. If you have any requirements, just let me know. We can customize it for you.

How do get a new one?

We focused on customizing the commercial furniture for 15 years. We have a professional design team and can customize the barber station for you. You can tell me what size you want, what color you like, and what structure you interest in. The sales will get back all of your needs to our designer. Then display all of your needs on the 3d design. You will see the whole effect whether suit you.

white styling station


The production process includes 4 steps. One is to make the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. Then polish the wooden cabinet surface to make the surface more smooth and easy to do the baking. The third step is to do the primers and baking paint. The Final is to install the accessories.

barbershop or barber station

The hairdressing shop has a lot of furniture, among which the barber station has many styles. Different styles will attract more customers. If you have a favorite type, you can tell me. We will add it to the design. If you want to open a salon shop, we can also help you redesign it.

How to open a salon and order furniture?

  • First, you need to find a location in a shopping mall. A good location can help you attract more customers, and it can also help you increase sales.
  • Second, after you get the location of the salon, you can contact us and tell us your requirements for the salon. Then we will design the salon shop according to your requirements. If you have any changes, we will help you modify it until you are satisfied.
  • Third, confirm the order after meeting the design requirements. Please arrange 50% deposit as a production deposit
  • Fourth, after finishing the salon furniture, please arrange the balance.

How to pack salon furniture?

We will use EPE foam and wooden boxes to pack the salon furniture showcases on display. It will be very strong and can prevent damage to shop furniture. We can also help you purchase insurance from shipping companies. If the salon furniture is damaged during transportation, we can request corresponding compensation from the shipping company.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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