Hair Cutting Station & Barber Station in Barber Shop for Sale

Hair Cutting Station & Barber Station in Barber Shop for Sale

barber station

Styling Station Barber Station with Professional Design for Sale

Styling Station for Barber Station with Professional 3D Design for Sale

Styling station for the hair salon shop

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Haircuts play a very important role in our lives. A hairstyle can also change a person's appearance and characteristics. Generally, girls go to the barbershop the most. Some are to have the hairdresser do a styling, and some are to cut, perm, dye and another styling. Today, I will introduce the barber station to you. This style can use it in the barbershop or in the cosmetic shop, in-home. Because you can take it as a makeup table.

Barber Station

The barber station is made of the MDF. For the surface treatment we will use baking paint. On the top of the counter, we will use artificial stone as the main material. And we also can stick the mirror on the wall. Then the customer can see it clearly. On the edge of the mirror, we do the wooden structure. It will make the mirror easy to stick.

Description Of Barber Station

The barber station will have the cabinet and drawers to store the goods. The right of the barber station has the drawer and the cabinet. The left of the station has 4 drawers to store the barber tools. It is convenient for barbers to use the tools. The bottom of the station will have legs to support the barber station. You can see there are some holes on the top, the place is used to put the hair dryers. The barbers take it easily.

white colot for baber sation

More Details

  • Size: 1000*500*900mm
  • Material: MDF, baking paint, and artificial stone
  • Counter-top: Artificial stone ( there are much texture for you to choose from)
  • Accessories: Mirror, locks, stainless steel


The production includes 4 steps. We need to do the wooden cabinet firstly, the wooden cabinet will be a same structure with the drawings like the size and any layout. Second, we need to polish the surface of the wooden cabinet. And the step is to make the surface more smooth and easy to do the baking paint. The third is to make 4 primers and the baking paint. It is a surface treatment and will make the barber station have a good appearance. The final step is to install the accessories.


How to order a barber station from the Ant Display?

  • First of all, we suggest that you can do a 3d design first. Can you tell us what kind of barber station you want, do you have any other ideas about the barber station? We have professional designers who can make a 3D design according to your needs. Our sales staff will tell our designers your ideas. The designer will show all your requirements in the design. Then you will know if a barber station is what you want. If there is any change, we can help you modify it.
  • After you confirm the design, we will produce the barber station according to the design drawings.
  • Before making the barber station, please arrange a 50% deposit production.
  • After finished the barber station, please arrange the balance payment.


There are some questions from our customer

When can we receive the barber station?

The design time takes 3-5 working days, and the production time takes 18-22 working days (the final time depends on your quantity). The shipping time is based on your country and the shipping method you want.

How to pack to protect safety?

We use EPE foam as the inner packaging and the outer packaging with wooden boxes. We wrap the edges and corners of the barber station with EPE foam, and then wrap and fix them with the film. We will use MDF for wooden boxes, but if we want to customize wooden boxes. We can also help you do this. It will be very powerful and can prevent damage to the barber station.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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