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Hair Cutting Station & Barber Station in Barber Shop for Sale

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Barbershops are the most common in our lives. Because different barbershops target different consumer groups. So you can see many different types of barbershops in the market. What do you need to pay attention to when opening a barbershop?

How to Open the Barbershop?

First, determine the location of the store. Here I suggest that the most insurance is to open next to a community with a higher occupancy rate. Because of this, the customer is stable. Most people will choose large supermarkets, shopping malls and other places to open stores. Because there are the most people.

Environment. The barber shop follows simple, clean and bright. It doesn't matter if the store is small, as long as it makes people feel comfortable. Pay attention to the use of paint when decorating. Because you want to open a store, try not to use too much paint (the smell is heavy and should not be scattered).

Before the shop decoration, we need to make a design for the shop. Only a good design can have a good decoration and attract more customers.

Barber Shop Design

A barber shop includes the facade, front desk, barber area, and shampoo area. We need to make reasonable arrangements for these areas in order to obtain our good needs.

Facade: The design of the hairdresser's door-head is to directly reflect the "face" of the store's image, not only to be unique, but also to be unified with the surrounding shops. The color matching of the door head must be reasonable and visually impactful, and it must leave a deep impression on consumers.

Front desk: The front desk is the customer service office of the hairdressing shop. After entering the hairdressing shop, consumers first start from the front desk. The financial management of the salon is also set up at the front desk. Therefore, the design of the front desk needs to be multi-functional, not only with their functions but also with their aesthetics.


Barber area: The barber area is used to directly serve consumers, and it should be loose, clean, and comfortable. Moreover, it is more convenient to take and put things to take notes.

Barber Station

The barber station is served for our customers. For the structure of the barber station, we need to make it simple and unique. You can see there are two places for customers to do the barber station. For the legs of the barber station, we use stainless steel. We put the sockets on the barber station, customer or barber can use it well. For the mirror, we also add the led light around the mirror. It will make the mirror more bright and unique. We all know that white and golden color are very modern and classical.


The production process includes the 3 steps. One is to make a wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. The second is to stick the laminate and the stainless steel board. The final step is to install the mirror, sockets, and drawers.

When will we receive it?

The time includes the design time, production time and shipping time. The design time will take 3-5working days for a shop. The production time will take about 25-28 working days for the whole shop furniture. For the shipping time, it depends on which port is near to you.

How to pack it?

We use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stands and crepe them with the film. Then put the interior package into a wooden cabinet made into MDF. Finally, seal the wooden cabinet with nails.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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