RX Wall Mount System

pharmacy wall mount shelf

RX Wall mount system

A pharmacy wall mount system is a great idea in pharmacy shops. It usually attaches to the wall to increase the showcase and storage area. As we can see in recent years. Px wall mount system includes pharmacy cabinet, attach wall shelf, pull up bar, slat wall, etc. It is made up of stainless, steel, metal, wood, acrylic, and aluminum groove plate. We can choose a suitable pharmacy wall mount shelf according to special requirements. PX wall mount shelf is stable and attaches to the wall to save space.

Ant Display has multiple styles of pharmacy wall mount systems. They are in good design and high-quality, and long-lasting. You can find Px wall mount system designs for consulting room, storage room, exhibition hall, operating room, and even pharmacy room in Ant Display. Ant Display is a professional pharmacy store furniture manufacturer to provide professional store design, superb produce craft, and warm services. No matter what kind of wall shelf, wall cabinet you are looking for, Ant Display will give you good solutions.

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Every pharmacy store requires a pharmacy wall mount system. Wall cabinets can be hung on the walls of the exhibition hall and placed decorations, or display medicines. When it is placed in an office or consulting room, the wall mount cabinet is usually used to place items or as temporary storage. It can also work with the counter, making it easier to pick up items.

Steel Pharmacy wall mount cabinet

Steel pharmacy wall mount cabinets usually use 304 stainless steel to build. It has frames to support the display shelf. Usually, it has 1-4 layers in total, use together with the operation counter.

px wall amount shelfWood pharmacy wall mount shelf

Wood wall mount shelf usually made up of MDF with baking paint. The color can be customized to match the store theme. When adding lock doors, it is a good place to store medicines. 2 sides have an AA column, shelves can adjust the different heights to fit different kinds of medicines.


Acrylic wall mount shelf

Acrylic wall mount shelf usually has one layer up to the wall. It is good to place capsules and liquid medicines. It has fixed holes on its backplate. The transparent color can clearly see the type of medicine. It usually adopts the production process of laser cutting, polishing, and hot bending; durable, stylish, and beautiful.


Ant Display provides customize pharmacy PX wall mount system. You can purchase the ideal one directly from Ant Display. If you have any new requirements, please feel free to contact us immediately. We can make new wall mount systems meet your demands.