Pharmacy Cabinets

Pharmacy cabinet

The pharmacy cabinet plays a big role in the pharmacy store. The pharmacy display cabinet is different from other display counters in that it needs to be very durable and capable of storing a variety of medicines. Regarding the different kinds of medicines, it needs different styles of pharmacy cabinets to sort out them. Pharmacy cabinet in RX store includes apothecary cabinets, storage cabinets, medicine display cabinets, pharmacy rotary cabinets, and metal and glass pharmacy cabinet. The pharmacy cabinet can be used in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and exhibitions. As people pay more attention to health, more and more families use pharmacy cabinets to store emergency medicines.

Ant Display design and produce unique pharmacy cabinet for sale. Each pharmacy cabinet design is based on special requirements and fits for pharmacy shop decoration. Except for the pharmacy counter, PX shop furniture includes cashier counter, display shelf, slat wall cabinet, metal display counter, double side display rack, etc. You can find good pharmacy furniture design solutions in Ant Display. And eventually, receive good quality pharmacy cabinets for business. The bellows is a personalized medicine cabinet design, which can be directly installed in the pharmacy. Please check and choose your favorite pharmacy cabinet design.

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Medicines are usually used to eradicate viral diseases and quickly restore health to people. In the course of treatment, the measurement of medicines is very important. Under-metered medicines are not conducive to rehabilitation, and over-metered medicines are considered harmful to the human body. Therefore, doctors must have relevant skills and obtain qualifications. The medicine cabinet is the same, it needs to ensure that all medicines are stored safely and will not affect each other. Especially for the storage safety of hazardous materials is very important.

3 reasons to choose a medicine cabinet

pharmacy cabinet

  • Display drugs in pharmacies.

 It is mainly used as a shelf for placing medicines, health foods, and retail medicines. This kind of not only organizes, arranges, and displays the shelves to customers, but also manages the pharmacy operators.

  • Hospital display rack for medicines.

 This kind of display rack is usually located in a pharmacy—a place where a patient needs to get medicine after seeing a doctor. All medicines are sorted and placed in the pharmacy cabinet, which is convenient for doctors to take medicines to patients

  • Protect and store special medicines.

 Some medicines have special packaging and some medicines need to be kept away from light. The pharmacy cabinet can protect the integrity of the medicines to a large extent. For some important medicines, such as prescription drugs, pharmacy cabinets will also be displayed. After all, prescription drugs do not allow customers to buy directly.

Different kinds of Pharmacy cabinet

pharmacy store furniture

Home pharmacy lockers

The family pharmacy cabinet is usually used as a storage cabinet so that it can make full use of the space and store medicines. Household pharmacy cabinets usually place medicines in the upper middle part so that children will not touch them. Household pharmacy cabinets usually need to be waterproof and ventilated so that medicines can be stored effectively.

Wooden Rx cabinet

The wooden Pharmacy cabinet usually contains many drawers for displaying and storing medicines. Wooden cabinets support flexible design in order to make full use of the space. It usually uses solid wood veneer and has a lot of colors to choose from. Using a variety of decorative materials at the same time makes him look more high-end.

The standard wooden pharmacy cabinet includes fully extended drawers and European-style door hinges, which can save costs and support customization. Wood pharmacy cabinets can adjust the size, change the length or height, and color. And add movable shelves, drawers, or doors as needed to meet capacity or workstation requirements. It is usually placed in the exhibition hall, and guests can directly see the medicine display or located behind the counter and close to the wall

pharmacy counter

Apothecary Cabinets

Apothecary Cabinets are the most common in pharmacies and hospitals. It has many drawers and can have multiple compartments for storing medicines and tools. It can also be used for storage. Pharmacy cabinets are usually retro or rustic decorations and are usually used to store Chinese herbal medicines.

Pharmacy rotating shelf

Pharmacy rotating display cabinets are usually used in pharmacy operation rooms and hospital laboratories. It is usually small in size and can safely store toxic drugs, hanging bags, and other types of drugs. It has a rotating shaft that can access items 360 degrees, which is very convenient and saves space for placing a large number of products. At the same time, the rotating medicine cabinet can improve the organization and safety of medical supplies such as drugs, narcotics, and special effects. Doctors can also know the storage status of medicines at any time and increase the utilization rate of medicines.

Rotating a medicine cabinet is a good way to solve space, efficiency, and safety issues. The cabinet adopts a double-sided structure, which can be opened and closed by rotating, providing double space and halving the floor space.

Metal and glass medicine cabinet,

The metal pharmacy shelf is a very popular pharmacy cabinet in pharmacies. It usually comes with consoles, storage cabinets, and shelf displays. At the same time, it satisfies the functions of display, operation, and storage, saving costs and improving user efficiency. The metal cabinets used for storage are usually made of 304 stainless steel and have ultra-clear glass doors to protect the safety of medicines. Some metal pharmacy cabinets support customization, and all counters will be made according to requirements and each component will be installed in a designated location. Metal Rx cabinets are popular because they are durable and very durable.

Why choose Ant Display to customize pharmacy cabinet

Ant Display is a professional pharmacy cabinet manufacture. We have more than 18 years of experience in customizing pharmacy shop furniture. Our main purpose is to provide professional pharmacy shop design and superb produce service. Therefore, everyone can get wonderful pharmacy store furniture! Whenever you are in need, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get your pharmacy cabinet.