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Are you looking for a pharmacy cabinet in a pharmacy? The cabinet can increase the types of stored items and facilitate the adjustment of medicines. Medicine cabinets are essential furniture for hospitals, pharmacies, Chinese medicine stores, and beauty salons. The pharmacy counter has multiple functions. It can be used to display and store a variety of medicines. Of course, it can also be used as a storage cabinet in an office or home. Each medicine cabinet is equally divided into 3 compartments, which can store a variety of medicines.

Pharmacy furniture includes pharmacy apothecary cabinets, pharmacy display racks, and lockers. The retro medicine cabinet is eye-catching furniture. There are seven rows of cabinets on the counter of the pharmacy for storing and taking medicine. Usually, the size of each cabinet is 20cm wide and 15cm high. The four sides are chamfered, the name of the medicine is clearly identifiable, and the overall surface of the cabinet is clear and distinct. Ant Display provides both design and production service of apothecary cabinets. It even provides design services for the entire counter store and indicates the number of counters, displays, and sizes. You can find a good apothecary cabinet solution in Ant Display.

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Information about the pharmacy apothecary cabinet

Pharmacy store furniture does not like other furniture. Apothecary cabinets are usually related to medicine storage and usage. It has to meet the standard of medicine storage regulations. It needs to have corrosion resistance, good air permeability, moisture resistance, and other functions, to ensure that the medicine is effective.

What is medicinal furniture?

The pharmacy apothecary cabinet is a cabinet that helps pharmacists and doctors sort and store medicines. It has a lot of drawers with partitions to place medicines and related tools. At the same time, it is also used as a collection to decorate walls and shops. With the development of society, wooden medicine counters have become more and more popular.

apothecary cabinet

The usage of the apothecary cabinet

The mailing counter is usually placed against the wall, usually behind the cashier or service counter. In this way, the doctor can take the medicine according to the apothecary cabinet and according to the measurement. They are usually used to store medicines, tobacco, spices, and herbs. The apothecary cabinet we see usually has a wood grain design, which looks very beautiful, environmentally friendly, and professional. Because it has abundant drawers, people are also keen to put it at home to store other items and decorate houses and shops.

Steps to choose apothecary cabinet

The first step, rent the store furniture and make a floor plan

Renting a pharmacy shop is the first step of the business. It depends on how many quantities of the apothecary cabinets in need. And also where is a better location to install them. So, when knowing the shop size, draw a floor plan with sizes.

The second step, make a 3D design drawing

The 3D design is very important for pharmacy store furniture. It shows the details of the apothecary cabinet, pharmacy counter, display cabinet, cashier counter, color decoration, light decoration, brand logo, etc. From the design drawing, we can see the real looks of the pharmacy store clearly.

The third step, check and confirm the design

Check pharmacy shop furniture design drawing is necessary. Customize the apothecary cabinet depends on special requirements. Only produce the furniture according to the confirmed design drawing, can you get the same pharmacy apothecary cabinet and correct shop furniture.

Where to install the apothecary cabinet

Pharmacy drawers are usually used in hospitals, Chinese pharmacies, beauty salons, Chinese medicine centers, pharmacies, and clinics. With the development of medical technology, the types of pharmacy apothecary cabinets are rich and diverse. The design of this medicine cabinet is novel and decorative. So you can use the medicine cabinet in the room and storage room. Size, shape, and color all support customization. This also allows the customized apothecary cabinet to play a greater role.


Usually, bedroom furniture includes a dressing table, bedside table, and closet, and medicine cabinet has both storage type and practicality. It's a great choice. For example, by increasing the size of a single drawer, the medicine cabinet can be used as a wardrobe. Because socks, pillows, and other items can be stored separately. When placing a mirror on the cabinet, it can be used as a dressing table and full-length mirror. Reduce the height of the apothecary cabinet design, it can be used as a bedside table and provide ample storage space for books, medicines, or other items

apothecary cabinet


The small size pharmacy cabinet is very suitable for storing medicines, bandages, cosmetics, soap, towels, and other necessities. Considering the humid environment in the bathroom, we can choose stainless steel for production. Please place the medicine in a high place to prevent children from touching it

living room

The unique medicine cabinet decoration in the living room is very eye-catching. The medicine cabinet decoration makes your home unique. It can be placed in the corridor or the entrance. You can store gloves, scarves, hats, umbrellas, and other items here. The medicine cabinet is also a good place to store keys and mail so that we can easily find them


It is a good idea to place a medicine cabinet in the office. The pharmacy cabinet is not only a perfect match for your office theme but also the best choice for storing office items. For example, pens, staples, paper clips, and similar items can all be placed well in the drawer. And the top space of the medicine cabinet can also be used. Installing spotlights on the top is a good way to improve office lighting


If you want to make the most of the kitchen space and store more items, the medicine cabinet helps a lot. We can put silverware or participants in the drawer. Especially in retro style, the rustic decoration is very suitable for placing wooden medicine cabinets. It should be noted that when the medicine cabinet is placed in the kitchen, we need to do anti-oil treatment on the surface.

Choose apothecary cabinet design from Ant Display

Ant Display is a very professional pharmacy apothecary cabinet manufacturer. We provide good-quality apothecary cabinets and customize designs. Workers focus on the production process details to ensure a strong structure. No matter whether you open a pharmacy store or not, you can choose a suitable apothecary cabinet from Ant Display. Just contact us and get more useful ideas.