Pharmacy Gondola Shelving


Pharmacy gondola shelving is a free-standing shelving stand, It is usually placed in the middle of a pharmacy or near the wall. It usually has a double-sided display, four-sided display, or single-sided display. It can be used to display medicines that need to be stacked and suspended, facilitate people to buy medicines, and help make good use of the space in the middle of the store. It is very suitable for large pharmacies or clinic shops.


Ant display limited is a leading company specializing in the design and production of pharmacy furniture. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality gondola shelves and exquisite pharmacy display cabinets. We attach great importance to appearance design and product practicability. From material selection to production to installation, we strive to do our best at every step. The pharmacy gondola shelving we produced is unique and diverse in style, also very durable. Our pharmacy gondola shelves are used by many chain pharmacies and independent pharmacy shops. Browse our web you will find 100+ different styles and sizes of pharmacy gondola shelving options.If you are still looking for a high-end pharmacy gondola shelving supplier, Ant display will be your right choice.

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The advantages of gondola display stand mainly have 5 aspects:

1.It can maximize your floor space

It is generally placed in the middle of the pharmacy shop, and the size can be determined according to the size of the shop space, which can make full use of the space and display more medicines.

2.The gondola shelf system is very safe

Its bottom is an upside-down T-shape, and its height is low, which is very safe compared to high wall pharmacy display cabinets.

3.It fits almost any store space

Its size is usually not big, even your pharmacy shop is small, you can also do a small pharmacy gondola display stand. It can help you show some commonly used medicines and hot-selling drugs.

4.The shelving and hooks can be changed easily as different products

The shelves and hooks are adjustable and movable. If you have many different kinds of medicines need to display, you can change the shelves style and hooks style to suit different products.

5.It is easy to move and reposition

It is small in size and easy to move. You can reposition or combine it to meet different needs.

What types of pharmacy gondola shelving have?

1.pegboard pharmacy gondola shelving

pharmacy gondola shelving

Its backboard is generally made of 0.8 mm thick iron or stainless steel and other metals, with many holes on it, which is one of the most popular displays. It can be used with a hook to display some products which can be hung. It also has many adjustable shelves for displaying some larger medicines. It is very suitable for pharmacy shops.

2.Slat wall pharmacy gondola shelving

pharmacy shop display shelves

Slat wall pharmacy gondola shelving is one of the most popular and practical shelving. The backboard can use wood or metal to make. It comes with many grooved horizontal slots to fix hooks.

3.Wooden back gondola shelving

pharmacy shop stand

This kind of gondola shelving back usually uses wood, the sides come with shelves. These shelves are adjustable in height. It can do different colors if you prefer wood-style can choose this kind style.

4.Mesh Back Gondola Shelving

medichine display stand

Mesh Back Gondola Shelving is much lighter than slat wall and pegboard gondola shelving. So it is greatly welcomed by small pharmacy shops and clinics. Its cost is lower, so if your budget is small, this kind of shelving will be a good choice.


Why you can choose Ant display to make your Retail Gondola Shelving?

1. Customize Your Pharmacy Gondola Shelving

Ant display limited is a company that specializes in making customized pharmacy shop furniture. If you don’t want standard pharmacy Gondola shelving on market, you can customize it here. The materials, colors, size, display style, logos all can customize as your needs. You can tell us your usage, we will follow your usage to give design ideas.

2.Direct factory to give you a favorable price

If you get the Pharmacy gondola shelving at the market, many suppliers are not factories, the price will high. We are a direct factory, have our own workshop, and around us have mental suppliers, wood suppliers,s and glass suppliers. So we can get high-quality raw materials at a favorable price. And our workers already have 12 years' experience, they can give you nice workmanship.

3.Responsible sales and quality inspectors help you supervise the quality

From design to production to assembly, each step will have people check details and quality, to ensure give you the best work.

4.No need complicated assemble

Before load the pharmacy stand to you, we will finish all assemble, we will go wires, add lights, add hardware, glasses, etc. If size not big, we will pack it whole piece then send you, if it is big, we will divide it may be 2-3 piece, when you received just need to join them together then can use.


If you want to buy a Pharmacy gondola shelving for your shop and need some help, just feel free to contact us.