Rx See Thru Tubular Shelving


The pharmacy shelving is like a person's clothes, it is the first impression to customers. Generally, consumers will look at the general situation of the pharmacy when they come to the store, so the display of the pharmacy shelf is the consumer's first impression. The aim of pharmacy shelf displays is to attract customers' attention and promote pharmacy sales. There are many types of pharmacy shelving, including wall shelves with back panels, Gondola shelving, see-thru tubular shelving. See-thru tubular shelving is usually used to display medicines in the middle of pharmacies, or to store medicines in clinics and hospitals. It is see-through, customers can see the medicine from all angles. It is very convenient for people to select medicines.

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RX see thru tubular shelving

Ant display limited is a leading company specialize in making customized pharmacy shop furniture. We can make all pharmacy shop furniture, like pharmacy counter, pharmacy shelving, medicine display cabinets, pharmacy drawers, etc. We have raw materials suppliers around us, so can get the most favorable and high-quality materials. We are a direct factory, our workers already make customized furniture for more than 12 years, can give you exquisite workmanship. You will find 100+ different kinds of RX see-thru tubular shelving on our web, we have wood style, stainless steel, Aluminum style, etc.


How to order the RX see-thru tubular shelving?

pharmacy shop shelving

  1. You need to check how big your location used to put the RX see-thru tubular shelving. Then decide each piece make how big and how many pieces.
  2. Contact our sales to tell your needs, like need how big, want what color. We will send you some models of your choice. I have the style you like, they will check the price for you. If no, we will help design the shelving as your needs, then follow the design to check the price.
  3. After confirmed price, then you can arrange our deposit(50% payment) for production
  4. After production is finished, you arrange the rest of 50% balance, then we will arrange to send them to you.