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Single-sided Medicine Rack Pharmacy Display Showcase Drawer Type Medicine Steel Rack

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We all know that pharmacies have a wide variety of medicines,complex and diverse. When yuo are about to open a pharmacy, you will definitely need a medicine display stand, so today we have a medicine display shelf suitable for you that can help you solve the problem.


Main Material 

We use metal steel to manufacture this pharmacy shelf. We use thickened plates and fully cold steel cabniets. Corrosion and high temperature resistance. And easier to clean. In this way, the quality of the madicine rack is guaranteed and the bearing capacity is stronger. Electrostatic spraying, no peculiar smell when used in pharmacies. The bottom feet are made of ABS plastic material, which can better protect the floor and there is no noise when moving.

Layout Distribution

The distance between the medicine racks can be adjusted according to your needs, which is convenient for you to hold all kinds of medicines. The spacing of the medicine rack splints can alos be adjusted at will, and the uhmanized design can meet your various needs.

A Variety Of Styles

To meet the various needs of your pharmacy, we provide you with a variety of styles for you to choose from. There are single-sided medicine racks, double-sided medicine racks, single-sided medicine racks with slides, and single-sided medicine racks with double cabinets. We can also redesign and customize production according to your requirements.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 400*400*1400mm
Materials Metal Stell
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