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The Push Thru logo, often referred to as the Push through logo, which is a popular way to promote corporate brands. The Push through sign is the perfect way to engage potential customers day and night. To customized the push thru logo is one special way to show what you want.

Description of the Push thru logo

As the name suggests, the letters appear to have been extruded from the surface of the symbolic material. Unlike other types of signs, push-in letters are not mounted directly on the wall. Instead, they are attached to a metal back and then attached to a wall.

Push into the frame of the letters on the logo is an aluminum or double-bond frame. There is a notch in the surface and acrylic letters "push" out to give it an iconic look. This one push thru sign is very big to be put outdoor the building, then people can see it clearly. When the sign is made of the LED lights, it can be luminous at night. Push through letters are a very unique sign that you can install on a wall or even on a cabinet. These signs give off a soft glow that can light up any environment.


The frame board is aluminum, and the letters are the acrylic. The material is very good and durable under the strong sunshine, rain and wind weather. Besides, the push thru sign can be any colors you like.


No matter what size, colors, materials you want for the push thru signs, we can meet the customization. If you have the signs needs for the building, cabinets, kiosk, stores, we can make many sets for your brands. The customization will be according to your logo design files and your requirements. Ant Display Limited not only can help you make kiosks, display furniture, but also can make the logos for you.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Acrylic
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