Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are typically made up of a flat letterform that has lighting to make a sign visible at night, with metal flashing around the perimeter. The flashing serves to direct the light outward, while minimizing light bleeding into adjacent letters.


Marquee letters are becoming more and more popular because its classic looks and good display effect. Its surface added light bulb, which are very bright and nice. The Marquee letters size as usually are big, added bright lights, so people can see your signs and brands very clearly at night, they can help attract people. So lighted marquee letters have a very good advertising effect. They are widely used in some entertainment venues, parks, playground, outdoors, etc. Now the marquee letters almost used led lights, so they are energy-saving and cost-effective. Marquee letters can used both outdoor and indoor, they can made of wood, metal,acrylic, can do many different colors and shapes.

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Do you want to make your sign very attractive? Do you want to create a good atmosphere for your restaurant, entertainment venues or retail shop?Come here!Ant display limited aim to help you build nice and functional sign letters. We can customize the marquee letters as your needs and size. Want various formats?want different colors?Want lights in different color? We can make marquee letters in different format and styles. We supply different surface finish for your choice, we have brush metal surface ,acrylic surface and also wood surface.We have our own metal and wood processing workshops, and our workers have more than 12 years experience in making customized furniture. We can supply you good work with most favorable price.

marquee letters

What Are The Benefits Of Marquee sign letters?

1.make your sign readable and attractive

Marquee letters are big in size, and added bright bulb lights,which can make your logo letters looks very attractive. And even from very far, people also can see your sign.

2.Saves on Power and energy

The marquee letters mainly used led lights, led lights can help save power and energy.

3.Creates A Unique and Different Venue

You just need spend little cost, Marquee letters can help you create a perfect atmosphere.


Marquee letters surface as usually used durable metal or acrylic, so it is very strong and durable. Inside used led light, led light has a decade lifespan, mean you no need change lights.So the maintenance cost is low.

5.Add Personalization to Enhance Its Looks

Marquee letters play an very important role in improving brand appearance and visibility.We can make the marquee letters in different colors, styles and formats, you can customize your marquee sign here.

6.Ideal for All Occasions

Marquee letters can use for different occasions. They can used indoor, fixed on walls. They can also used outdoor, for events, holiday celebrations etc.

lighted letters

How to assemble the marquee letters?

After you ordered the marquee letters, we will send you assemble hardware and mounting template. The back or bottom of marquee letters will have holes, these holes can insert screws to fix the letters with wall or bottom panel together.

  1. You need draw holes on wall or bottom panel follow the mounting template
  2. You need insert letters, you need to ensure the letters holes match the back panel or wall holes
  3. Use a quality adhesive to fill all drilled holes

What questions you may be have about the marquee letters?

1.what size marquee letters do I need?

A: You need choose the suitable size as your own needs. If you put them on floor, need people see clearly from far then you can choose big size marquee letters. If you want to fix them on wall to show your brand, then the size no need too big.

2.How far can my marquee sign letters be seen from?

A: As usually, your letter higher then people can see the letter far. Besides the size, color, format and style also will affact the distance people can see the letters. So to ensure the letters are readable enough, you need to use big and bold letters in bright colors.

3.How long you will need to make the marquee letters?

A:Production as usually need about 7-10 work days after order confirmed

4.Can I customize my marquee letters?

A:Yeah sure, we do customize. We can customize the marquee letters as your needs and size.

5.How will you pack the marquee letters?

A: we will cover all surface use EPE foam and pearl cotton, then pack it use a box. It is very safe and durable.

6.What’s the payment style available?

A: we accept bank transfer, western union and paypal. You can see which style is convenient for you.


Ant display limited aim to help each client get what he want. We have a professional design team, can help design the marquee letters as your needs. If you need marquee letters can just feel free to contact us.