Metal Letters

Metal letters are widely used in retail shops, shopping center and office etc to show the brands and signs. Metal letters can create a very good advertising effect, and it is very durable and weather-proof, can use very long time. It can use both indoor and outdoor, can made of different kinds of metal. Every metal letter can cut as the format, height you need. Your logo sign will be the frist thing people will see when enter your shop.So the first impression is very imortant. When you choose the metal letters, you need take these 3 points into consideration:

Readability: You need to ensure your logo can be seen by people from far place and at same time attact people. So your logo need be very obvious and clearly.

Durability: If you use the logo outdoor or where have water, you need to use weather-proof metal, like stainless steel.

Applicability: the logo color and concept need to match your shop design ideas and color theme. If your shop is colorful, then your logo also need be fancy. If it is dark theme, you can choose dark metal letters.

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Why you can choose metal letters?

Compared with other letters, metal characters have incomparable advantages:

  1. It is durable and not easily deformed

The metal letters used strong aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel and copper. These metal is very durable, won’t deformed. So the metal letters can use very logn time.

  1. It is weather-proof, it is waterproof, fireproof and heatproof

The metal letters can used both outddoor and indoor, they are weather-proof, so can meet different needs.

  1. Propaganda effect is eye-catching

The metal letters have a sleek,stream lined look, and surface can do different colors, can achieve a very good advertising effect.

  1. Easy installation

The metal letters are quite light, and we will draw hole at back in advance, at the same time we will send you screws, when you received just meed to use screws fix the letters on wall or panel. It is very easy.

  1. Low maintenance

You just need to use the water then can clear the dust, no need special maintenance.So the maintenance cost is low.


Ant display limited established at 2008, we already specialize in making customized sign letters 12 years. Our metal letters are environmentally friendly, have a long service life and low protection costs. We have a variety of materials, colors and styles of logo characters for you to choose from, and we are constantly working on developing more and more updated products. The company adheres to the operating principles of high quality and excellent quotation, and has won the affirmation of customers with its exquisite products and honest characteristic. All metal and acrylic used to do the sign letters are selected carefully from good suppliers. And we have our own professional cutting and polishing workshop,can supply you high quality metal letters with factory price.


Our metal letters mainly have the follwing types:

  1. Aluminum letters

Aluminum letters are the most economc metal letters. It is very durable,and lighter than stainless steel. We supply standard aluminum, brushed aluminum and reflective aluminum. And Aluminum is softer than stainless steel, so It is easier to cut and shape Amd it is cheaper than stainless steel. We can paint the Aluminum surface in different colors, and we also supply special surface finish, like Polished Aluminum, Anodized Gold, Black, or Bronze.

  1. Brass letters

metal letters

Brass letters will give people a high-end feeling, use brass logo will make your signage looks very luxury and nice. Our bras letter have different finishes, like brushed brass, polished brass, light oxidized brass for your choice. We can cut and customize the letters in different format and size to meet your different needs. We used the most advanced cut machine and technology, the can supply you superior quality and workmanship.

  1. Bronze letters

We can supply bronze letters in two different types, one is solid cut bronze letters, another is cast bronze letters. Our solid cut bronze letters can cut in different format and shapes. Broze letters can supply a high-end and unique look, so it is widely used in office, bank and retail shop, restaurants.

  1. Stainless steel letters

stainless steel letters

If you are looking for sign letters which need be maximum durability and weather-proof, then stainless steel letters will be your best choice. It is very strong and not easily deformed. We supply brushed stainless steel and mirror stainless steel for your choice. And Stainless steel can be electroplated in different colors to meet your different needs.We can customize the stainless steel letetrs as ize and color you want. They are very suitable for outdoor use, like building signage, street shop logo etc.

  1. Copper letters

Copper letters are becoming more and more popular recent years. We can supply different kinds of surface finish, such as brushed copper, polished copper and Oxidized Oil Rubbed Copper. Our copper letters can do different kinds of shapes and size.

  1. Lighted metal letters

If you want your sign be very attractive and obvious, lighted metal letters are a good choice. Bright letters can help attract customers. So more and more retail shops and buildings prefer to use lighted metal letters. Our light has led light and Neon lights for your choice. We supply lighted metal letters in different finishes and colors for your choice.


Browse our web you will find metal letters in different styles and shapes, just send us your logo file and needs, we will customize it for you!