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Wood Letters

Welcome to our wood letters section. Are you looking for customized wooden letters to add color to your store? The best thing about our wooden letters is that they can be customized like other letters. This is a very cheap method that allows you to get the look you want. You can choose the thickness, wood type, font, etc. Wooden letters are lightweight and durable. Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, wooden letters are the best choice. Because we will choose the right wood to prevent discoloration, chipping, and cracking. Wooden letters are the same as other letters and are designed to withstand all types of weather. It is also very flexible and can be made in different sizes and shapes according to different occasions. Similarly, you will find nail fixing and stud mounting are the most common methods of installing this letter. After receiving the pattern, it will show exactly where to drill to make the symbol perfect. Of course, the perfect presentation should be anything you choose with numbers or letters. Ant display stands provide cost-effective wooden letters, we help customers save costs and get the logo they want. Whenever you need wooden letters, stainless steel letters you can find them on Ant displays.

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The wooden letter is used in different locations for different usage, which makes the material various from each other. Solid wood letters and MDF painted letters are the most popular style while plywood and composite wood letters are special for commercial displays.  Rusty style wood letters and Industrial style letters are also popular in retail store decorations. wood letters

Use of wooden letters

These types of letters have many uses. We can use wood letters as corporate logos to make them look professional and rustic, as well as create creative artwork for nursery walls. We are here to provide basic numbers and letters to meet your needs. These customized wooden letters can be accurately cut according to your requirements. Can be made according to your company name or brand name. Wooden lettering adds a unique decoration to your brand LOGO. Our Muxin does not have any installation hardware. You can easily fix it with adhesive.

Large wooden letters

If you are looking for something bigger, we recommend that you use MDF, because this will reduce the thickness without increasing the weight. The use of solid wood will increase the weight of each letter. If you plan to use screws to secure the letters to the wall or sign, you can use any type of wood. We make wooden letters according to the order. Therefore, each letter is hand-made in our custom shop. This allows us to customize shapes, logos, and lettering, and provide wooden letters that meet your needs. For example, when you need 1/2-inch thick letters, we will use 1/2-inch thick wooden letters. In terms of height and width, the height of the letters we can make varies from 6 inches to 10 feet, and the width varies from 5 feet. These are obviously giant wooden letters, which are very suitable for commercial applications. Our woodcuts are also suitable for craft projects and home decoration.

Custom wooden letters

Ant display offers a variety of shapes for you to choose from, including basic, religious designs, animals, and people. Select the required size, material, etc., and then you can start to design your own custom craft shape. Use our wooden letters for any DIY projects you own, such as changing the letters on the wall or for independent decoration of shelves to personalize the room immediately. Choose the exact font, size, thickness, and surface treatment to suit your unique home decor style. After receiving your order, we will cut, polish and package it. Whether starting from scratch or completing an existing project, our wooden openings and shapes add unparalleled personality elsewhere. Each of our designs can be produced in almost any size and material.

How to buy wooden letters

First, choose the alphabet font you want to use, you can get a rough idea of ​​its appearance. Because different fonts will produce different wooden letters. Then, choose the right size, we will help you make wooden letters suitable for your LOGO area because the letters are too large or too small will affect the beauty of the store. If you send us the brand name and shape, we will customize the wooden letters for you. Next, choose the surface treatment of the wood. If you choose unpainted, it will show the color of the wood itself, but if you need paint, choose a color. So that we can make the wooden letters you want. After completing the wooden letter, we will send it to you as soon as possible. You only need to install them in the specified location. If you have any questions, please contact me in time. 

Ant Display provide all kinds of wood letters as you want. When you want to see the effect of wood letter as a LOGO installed in the store, please contact us. The professional designers of our company can show them in a new design. They can even help you design the whole shop, you can find whatever you want in Ant Display. I am looking to cooperate with you.