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Nail Shop Useful Furniture | Modern Manicure Table For Sale

New Invention Manicure Shop Furniture Nail Salon Counter Modern Nail Display Table for Sale

Beautiful nail table in unique sizes and styles

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Nail salon shops have become popular in recent years. People do nail art to get a good look, we can choose a wonderful nail table for the manicure shop. The nail shop includes nail display shelves, center counter. What we should focus on is the nail table. Because it is a place for customers to sit down and accept nail art services.

nail table

Nail table introduction

As we can see in the picture, this nail table includes two nail workstations. People can do nail art with good friends. And the middle is also has a drawer to put nail polish or nail tools. What attracts me most is the hollow carved table legs, it looks nice and makes the nail table luxury.


We can make it at size 120cm*80cm*100cm, 100cm*60cm*90cm, or 160cm*100cm*100cm. The size can be customized according to special idea.


The color is white, black, pink, wood and a mixture of colors to get a good effect. We can also custom-made the color to match the shop theme and cabinet.

nail desk

Material Details

The main material is MDF to make the kiosk body. The surface material is baking paint with a shiny or matte effect. The support base leg is stainless steel or metal with spray. Other materials include sliding rails and locks.

Order process

1, Choose the nail table size, color, styles and confirm the order

2, Make construction drawing to show product details directly

3, Produce the nail tables step by step

4, Take photos of the finished nail table for customers

5, Test the nail table, clean it and pack well for shipment.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, metal, etc.
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