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Nail art has become an art that people pursue. No matter what season it is, nail art is not restricted. But our common nail art table can only be used for nail artwork, but the nail polish has to be placed aside, which is inconvenient to use; or it is stored in a drawer and the specific color cannot be seen. Today this one will solve these problems.



  1. 12 magnetic drawers, 8 solid color drawers + 4 translucent drawers. Each drawer can hold more than 25 nail polishes.
  2. A nail polish holder on the top, which can be rotated with the trolley and can hold 75 kinds of nail polish products
  3. 6 wheels for easy 360-degree turns

Product Details

As we can see from the picture, the main design highlight of this nail table is one side leg. 

 nanicure furniture

It does not just play a supporting role like ordinary table legs. We designed it into a cylinder, not only can store the nail polish you need, you can quickly find it when you need to use it, but also play a load-bearing role. The cylinder has a larger force surface and is not easy to shake. The transparent acrylic box allows you to distinguish colors more quickly, saving time for your use.

nail polish display counter

The desktop is also designed with a leather pad for customers to put their arms on. In addition, an eye protection lamp has been specially added for you. We know that nail art needs to work for a long time and continue to use the eyes. The eye protection LED lamp can effectively protect your eyesight and make your work more convenient.

nail polish table

Main Material

The tabletop of this nail table is made of MDF, and the table legs are made of stainless steel tubes. The storage table leg on the other side is made of acrylic material, which is very stable. If you need a matching chair, we can also provide it for you.

nail manicure table and chair

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal and MDF
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