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manicure table

Fashionable Double Manicure Table Manicure Shop for Nail Table for Sale

Nail Shop Useful Furniture | Modern Manicure Table For Sale

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The face needs cosmetic decoration to be more beautiful and dazzling, and the nails are the same. For nails, its cosmetics are nail polish. Many girls like to do nail art. Nail art has many cute patterns and rich colors. They can make our hands look more beautiful. So the nail industry is very popular. 

The structure of the nail table is very simple. The nail tools need to be placed on the countertop, and the dryer needs to be placed underneath. Because people need to sit on both sides of the table, the underside of the table is empty. This is the structure of the nail table. The style, color, and material of the countertop and frame can be selected.

nail table

Manicure Table Detail

Basic material: Plywood,MDF, metal

Surface finish: Laminate, baking paint


Width: 40cm

Height: 75cm


  1. Environmentally friendly board, stable load-bearing
  2. Rounded corner design, stylish and beautiful
  3. Non-slip foot pad safety accessories

manicure table


Our nail table is composed of a countertop and a frame. The plates we use are E grade, strong and durable. The frame is made of electroplated stainless steel, and the products made by this process look very advanced. The color of the countertop is optional, we can choose a solid color or wood color. The size can be selected according to your own needs.

Packaging & Shipment

Our tables are all packed in wooden boxes. The corners of the table will be wrapped with pearl cotton and stretch film. They can protect the table well and prevent damage caused by bumps. The outer packaging is a wooden box with foam boards on the inside, so our packaging is very safe.

We can also help customers to transport, the transportation method is the sea. The freight depends on the volume of the goods and the port or the address you specify. We need to get the accurate freight when the goods are completed. The shipping time depends on your country, generally 25-40 days. 

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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