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Manicure Table Nail Table & Nail Shop Working Table Manicure Desk for Sale

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Manicure table economic single manicure table in nail shop for sale

Manicure Store Luxury Nail Table | Modern & Gorgeous Manicure Desk For Sale

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Most beauty shops offer services such as skin management and manicure. For a lot of people, it is a high-end presence, and the people who come here are mostly women. We consider the public’s aesthetic when we customize the interior furniture. For high-end services, buying luxury high-end display furniture can make our shop look more professional.

Today I want to introduce is nail table set. We can see the pictures first.

nail table

The picture shows a two-person nail table with curved flanks that are soft and secure. It also serves as a storage space for our tools or some nail polish. Its desktop is made of marble. Marble is a very high-grade beautiful decorative stone. We can often see it in many high-end hotels.

Manicure tables are double-sided, so two chairs are needed for each position. They can be the same style or different styles.

Chairs for clients should be comfortable and have a back.

manicure table


High-density flannel

  • Prevent pilling
  • Easy to take care of
  • Good air permeability

table material

High-quality high-resilience sponge, not easy to collapse

Fits the human body curve, sitting comfortably

retail nail table

beauty shop furniture

Made with high-quality hardware

Polished by much exquisite craftsmanship

With the double process of electrostatic powder spraying and high-temperature baking paint, the surface is flat and smooth


Scenario shows

retail desk

Product Size

Support customization

We support changing the size and color of the table. The picture below is a selection of some flannel colors, if you have special requirements, you can tell us.

More Information
Color pink
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Flanne, metal
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