Sign Holders


A sign holder is used to fixing and show signs to people, various signs and logos can be inserted. They can use it to put a price list, menu, logo, business card. It is mainly used to show information and attract customers. Highly visible display signs can help with sales and promotion, they can help customers find the products they need quickly. So sign holder plays a very important role in advertising and sells products. No matter you are doing retail shop business, sell food or in the company, you all need sign holders to display your signs. It can not only show your signs but also can protect your signs from dust and water. The sign holder can be made of different kinds of materials, like acrylic, wood, metal. They can be used for product advertising, restaurant menus, and announcement. Acrylic is durable, easy clean, transparent acrylic can show your sign, men photo clearly, so it is widely used in different areas.


Ant display can supply all kinds of sign holders, we can make acrylic sign holders, metal sign holders, wood sign holders. Our sign holder can be used in different places, we have floor-standing sign holders can put on the floor to show information, we have table sign holders to show business cards, price lists, etc. If you want to show the logo and info on the ceiling or high area, we also can do a ceiling sign holder. And we also do sign holders for outdoor use, they are mainly used durable stainless steel or durable acrylic. They are weather-proof and strong. Ant display aims to supply each client with high-quality products and good service, so during -production, we always take care of each detail. And we do customize, we can customize the sign holders as your needs.

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According to the different placement positions, it can be divided into the following 4 types

  1. Countertop sign holders

countertop sign holders

Countertop sign holders are put on the table or cash counter to show the price, menu, or name card. The countertop sign holders size is small, they are a very economic choice to show customers information. Our countertop sign holders mainly used clear acrylic, it is very durable and nice. We supply different types of countertop sign holders, include acrylic and plastic stands, adjustable height metal frames, counter&register mats, and tabletop easels. Countertop sign holders have many different shapes and sizes.

  1. Floor standing sign holders

floor standing sign holders

Floor standing sign holders are placed on the floor, it is usually made of metal and plastic. Are you still looking for a professional, durable and economic sign holder? Our floor standing sign holders have many different styles, so can meet your different needs, they can be used for advertising, promotion, instruction. Our floor standing sign holders are not weighted, so they are very easy to move. You can change the places freely. And we will use thick steel and plastic, they are very durable, can use very long time. Our floor standing sign holders can do sleek curved shapes and are adjustable in height. We can offer stand-up plastic holders, pallet sign holders, adjustable height holders, and curved standing holders. They are very strong and easy to move, you can move them or change them when you need them. And we are a direct factory, can supply you a good price.

  1. Wall-mounted sign holders

Are you still looking for sign holders to share information, menu, or logo in underutilized areas? Such as hallways, ceilings, windows, and shop walls. Our wall-mounted sign holders can be used in these areas to show your brands, menus, or other info. This way customers will earlier to find your brand and get the information. Our wall-mounted sign holders include mounted sign holders, ceiling hangers sign holders, and cling or suction cup mounted sign holders. No matter what kind of sign holder, they all can help enlarge your brand and help promote. No matter you want to promote products or a labeling office, these sign holders can help you a lot.

  1. Outdoor sign holders

Outdoor sign holders are used outdoors. They are fixed on the outside walls, shop heads, or used to make road signs. Because used outdoors, so They have very high requirements for materials. As usually will use strong stainless steel or thick acrylic. The sign holders inside can add led light, the sign can be illuminated.


How to choose the right sign holder?

In our daily life, we can see many different kinds of signs, like warning signs, danger signs, notices, instructions, logos, menus, and price signs. If you want to show your info to people and attract customers, choose the right sign holder is very important.

Here are 4 tips to choose the right sign holder:

  1. Find a suitable location for the sign holder

It is very important to put your sign holder in the right location.

  1. According to the materials

The metal sign holder is very durable and strong, suitable for outdoor use. The acrylic sign holder is clear and nice.

  1. Take color into consideration

Different colors have different display effects, you can choose the suitable color for your needs.