Wooden Display


Are you ready to open a retail shop to start your business? Before you open, you need to select and order the inside furniture. Wooden display furniture is widely used in different areas, they can be used in a retail shop to display products, used in food shops to display food, and also can use in pharmacy shops and supermarkets. The wooden display can do different colors and shapes, it can do natural effects compare with metal display and glass display. And it as usually used strong plywood, high-density MDF, or solid wood as basic material. The surface can do paint in different colors, use laminate and wood veneer. The wooden display is very durable also looks nice, very suitable to display some high-end products, like jewelry, watches, etc.


Wooden display furniture mainly has the following advantages

  1. High-end and attractive look

The wood display surface can do different kinds of solid colors and wood colors. The wood grain can give you a high-end feeling.

  1. Different shapes are available

Wooden display furniture can do many different kinds of shapes, no matter you want a curved shape, round shape, or unique shape, all can use a cut machine to cut the shape for you. But the shapes of metal and glass display furniture are limited.

  1. They are very durable and practical

They used durable wood as basic material, the wood is very strong and durable, can use a very long time. And wood displays can do many different styles, like wooden display stands, display racks, display cabinets, or wooden shelves. We can make the wood furniture as your needs and size.

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  1. Italian light luxury glass wine cabinet with light side cabinet living room solid wood wine cabinet
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Ant display limited is a direct factory specialize in making customized wood display furniture. Choose Ant display you will get the latest and most creative design models, outstanding quality and the considerate service saves you worry and money. We can get the most favorable materials, and before order materials, we will choose carefully to choose the best. Our workers have already made customized furniture for 15 years, they can supply you with good workmanship. And we supply one-stop service, from design to production to delivery, we all can help you. We can supply different kinds of wooden display, no matter you want to display what kind product, can just tell us your needs. We can customize the wooden display fixture as your shop size and match your shop style.


The wooden display we can do mainly include the following types

  1. Wooden display rack

A wooden display rack can be used to display different kinds of products, such as clothes, jewelry, phone, collections, food, etc. Wood display rack has many different styles, can meet your different requirements. The wooden display rack has many different styles, such as a free-standing wooden display rack, a wall-mounted wooden display rack, and recessed in a wooden display rack. They are not only very durable but also very beautiful. Our wooden display rack has different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors for your choice.

  1. Wooden display shelf

wooden display shelf

Wooden display shelves are widely used in different kinds of retail stores, like phone shops, cosmetic shops, clothes shops, handbag shops, shoe shops, etc. The wooden shelves usually can adjustable in height, it can do different colors and sizes to meet your different needs. We supply floating wooden display shelves, free-standing wooden display shelves, wall-mounted wooden display shelves, and gondola wooden display shelves.

  1. Wooden display case

wooden display case

Wooden display cases are widely used in jewelry shops, watch shops, phone shops, and museums. Its base is usually used wood, the top case used tempered glass. Inside the case will add a led light strip. Our wooden display case used is high-density wood and strong tempered glass. You can use very long time. And we do customize, the size, color all can do as your needs.

  1. Wooden display stand

Wooden display stands as usually put in the middle of the shop, or near the shop front to display products. They can be single side, double side and four sides, people can easily see and select the products. Our wooden display stand can do different sizes, shapes and material can meet your different needs.

    5.Wooden display cabinet

The wooden display cabinet is the most practical and popular display cabinet. We can supply a wooden wall display cabinet, free-standing wooden display cabinet, and wall-mounted wooden display cabinet. They can put it in the middle of the shop or against the shop wall. The wooden display cabinet as usually will have a lot of storage area and the top will have shelves for display products.


How to choose the most suitable wooden display?

  1. According to products you will sell

Different products their size is different, and display style is different, so have different size requirements about the wooden display.

  1. According to your shop color theme

The wooden display furniture you will use in your shop should match your shop theme. If your shop decoration is luxury style, then the wooden display furniture also needs to be Luxury.


Our wooden display furniture used high-quality materials to ensure lasting performance and stability. We supply customized service, you can get any style of wooden display fixture as your needs. If you have any needs, just feel free to contact us.