Storage Racks

Are you still having a headache because things are messy, nowhere to put them? Are you still worrying about how to display products and inventory? Storage racks can help! Storage racks are widely used in different areas, like warehouses and express companies need storage racks to store large amounts of goods, the warehouse of retail shops to store their products or kitchen used to put kitchenware, etc. They can help organize your inventory and merchandise, which is very practical. Ant display limited can supply storage racks in different materials and sizes, no matter you want to find metal storage racks, glass store racks, wooden storage racks, etc, you all can find many choices on our web. And we do customize, if you need to customize the storage racks as your needs, we can help you design and customize them.


Ant display limited own 6000 sq meters workshop, we have our own metal processing workshop, glass processing workshop and wooden processing workshop. And around us have raw material suppliers, so we can get the materials in good quality with favorable price. And our workers are professionally trained, they have more than 12 years' experience, so they can supply you with exquisite workmanship. And we attached great importance to quality, we want to cooperate with each client very long time. We have a strict quality check team will each step during production, we help you take care of the quality. We supply one stop service, from design to production to shipping, we all can help you. From us, you can get high-quality work at the most favorable factory price.

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  1. Shelf Rack Floor Multi-layer Storage Room Rack Storage Basement Angle Iron Shelf
    As low as $90.00
  2. Super Load-bearing Shelves | Special Storage Racks For Supermarket Warehouses
    As low as $140.00
  3. supermarket shelf stationery shop pet shop tobacco and alcohol convenience store small shop imported food display rack
    As low as $900.00
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According to the materials used, storage racks are mainly divided into the following four types

  1. metal storage rack

metal storage rack

We can supply steel storage racks, aluminum storage racks, and stainless steel storage racks. The metal storage racks are mainly used in retail shop warehouses, freight warehouses, pharmacy shops, and kitchens. Metal storage racks are very durable and strong, can use to display much cargo. It is also the most common and most commonly used storage rack. our metal storage racks mainly include floor standing storage racks and wall-mounted storage racks. The tall floor standing storage racks can be put against the wall, also can put in the middle of the shop. The wall-mounted storage racks can make full use of wall space and help save floor space. You can store more products use wall-mounted storage racks.

  1. Wooden storage rack

wooden storage rack

The wooden storage rack includes floor-standing wooden storage racks, gondola wood storage racks, and wall-mounted storage racks. The wooden storage racks can use in retail shops to display clothes, shoes, bags, etc. They can also use to display and store books, pharmacies. The warehouse also will use wood storage racks to put stock. Wooden storage racks are also welcomed in the food area to display bakery, bread, etc.

  1. Glass storage rack

Glass storage racks are mainly used in pharmacy shops, phone accessories shops, and cosmetic shops to display products. They also include floor standing storage rack and a wall-mounted storage rack. It comes with many glass shelves, supplies customers a good view to choose and select and products. The glass storage rack is mainly used in retail shops to display some not heavy products.

  1. Acrylic storage rack

The acrylic storage rack is mainly used to put on the countertop used to store some small goods and tools. They can use to store some makeup tools and cosmetics can also use in the office to put some files.

How to choose the right storage racks?

  1. According to products you will put

If you want to store heavy products, you can choose durable metal storage racks and wooden storage racks.if you want to display and storage small high value and light products, you can choose glass storage racks.

  1. According to the place you will use the storage racks

If you want to use the storage racks in the kitchen, you can choose water-proof metal storage racks. If you want to use the storage racks in the warehouse, you can choose metal storage racks.

  1. According to your shop style

The storage racks can also be used to display products. The storage racks' color theme and style need to match your shop style. If your shop is mainly wooden color, you can choose wooden storage racks, if your shop is colorful, you can choose colorful storage racks to display and store your products.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long you will need to make the storage racks?

A: Production will need about 15-18 workdays after the order is confirmed.

  1. Can I customize it, I want to change the size?

A: Yeah sure, we can customize them as your needs. You can just tell us the size, color, and style you want. We can design the storage rack as your needs.

  1. How will you pack it? Is it safe?

A: our package is very safe. We will use EFE foams to protect all frames and corners, then pack the storage rack used hardwood box.


Browse our web you will find many storage racks in different colors and styles, welcome to inquiry if you have any needs!