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Gridwall Display

Gridwall display provides a convenient practical and systematic, scalable choice to organize a wide range of commodities, as well as display merchanding in a unique style. It can be used to display all kinds of things, from exquisite handmade gifts to tools, hardware, and so on. The wire grid plate can be attached to the surrounding wall to provide an infinitely adaptable frame. Many accessories can be placed to meet the specific requirements of retailers. At Ant Display Limited, we also provide slat grid panels and equal-degree versatile gridwalls. But the added advantage is that gridwall accessories can be used interchangeably with grid wall components. Gridwall panels can also use basic accessories to create separate grid walls. The basic accessories of the grid wall can be used to create h units, pinwheel gondola, and three-sided towers. Each accessory can be adapted to the wall panel in the same way as customized.
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  1. Customized Gridwall Display One Sided Wall Mounted Wire Slat Grid Mesh Display Clothing Rack Equipment Gridwall Displays Panel
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Whether it is used on the wall or in the form of a free-standing unit. Gridwall displays all provide unparalleled flexibility to adapt to a wide range of products. Functionally, the grid wall is very easy to use. Over time, the components used to build these fixtures have been simplified and refined. So that accessories can be quickly assembled and modified. For this reason, the grid wall installation is the most popular display stand at the craft show. Because the parts required for the display are portable, they can be quickly assembled on site. Optional accessories to store documents and brackets for shelves, baskets, and armrests. Gridwall display is to display commodities in retail stores, exhibition and craft show is a better way to display.gridwall display racks

At Antdisplay, we provide a variety of gridwall displays. Including gridwall panel, gridwall shelves and gridwall accessories, gridwall hooks. Our products are available in many colors, shapes, and finishes. You can choose according to your style. We also provide customized services, we can produce it according to your needs like size, color, and shape.

Gridwall Accessories

Accessories provide maximum inventory and visibility, with almost unlimited possibilities for your goods. In today's rapidly changing consumer environment, attracting shoppers' attention is a challenge.

Unlimited online stimulation through smartphones means that customers will not focus on one thing for a long time.Whether it is a promotional message or a vibrant product display, you only have a very short time to attract their attention. So, how do you ensure their eyes are captured?

We want to make the display modular and easy to reconfigure to display products. In other words, in clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, trade shows, auto parts stores, and schools, we use grid wall accessories to change and create unique display styles to attract people's attention to products or exhibitions. The design of grid wall accessories offers unlimited possibilities for selling products. The display of grid wall accessories should be selected according to your space and suitable color. Finally, according to the type of product to assemble the accessories. Give your products maximum display.

Gridwall Panel

The gridwall panel is efficient and flexible in home storage. It can save a lot of space while displaying items. Where to buy grid wall panels is a frequently asked question, and where there will be good and cheap products should be the most important for you. Ant Display is a good choice. We will provide a variety of gridwall panels according to your needs.

Grid wall panels are an effective and flexible way to display diverse items. They can be used in trade exhibition booths (simple setup, removal and minimal storage space), retail storefronts, POP displays, home organization, and many other applications.

A standard grid wall panel consists of 1/4 "diameter wires welded to a 3" grid in the center. Double wires provide additional stability along each long side. Ant Display provides the most extensive grid wall panel in the industry. You will find many different sizes, from 1 foot x 5 feet to 4 feet x 8 feet, available in white, black or chrome. If you are looking for customized color, and size. I believe we can help you.

Gridwall Shelf

When it comes to merchandise sales, the gridwall shelf is a very important display part. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials. Will display your products according to your needs.

We have a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of any commodity.

The flat gridwall bookshelf is suitable for light, paperback books, stackable boxes, photo frames, hats and collectibles. The material we usually use is metal wire. If the wire is not the material you want. Or if you prefer other types of shelves, you can also choose a gridwall shelf made of acrylic. Acrylic also has a variety of styles, but the most common is a flat display. But we will produce according to your needs.

Gridwall Hooks

Ant Display stocks various gridwall hooks. We provide white grid wall hooks, black gridwall hooks, and chrome gridwall hooks. You can choose the type you want. Our metal gridwall hooks are available in several different sizes. Gridwall hooks are also available in a variety of colors. Gridwall hooks can be used to hang frame art works, generally can be used in galleries, homes, and schools. At home we often use grid hooks to hang clothes.

About the Ant Display

Established in 2006, Ant Display Limited is a professional manufacturer and exporter engaged in the design, development, and production of mall kiosk showcase. We are able to offer our clients high-quality displays at an affordable price. Our aim is to help you increase your brand value and presentation with the best low-cost affordable display solutions. Welcome to inquiry.