Crowd Control

crowd controlAre you looking for crowd control to maintain order in the store? Crowd control is mainly used to manage the intensive flow of people to ensure the normal order and operation of society. Avoid irreversible tragedies caused by crowded people. Crowd control is also called high-grade iron paint one-meter line, cordon, rail seat, guardrail, fence, isolation belt, etc. It has different types and shapes. There are many types of Crowd control, which are suitable for different occasions. For example, it can be used on the road and the fence of the logistics concentration point. It can effectively reduce the damage to the equipment and facilities caused by accidental impact when the transportation equipment is shuttled back and forth.

Ant Display provides various crowd control suitable for different occasions. For example, road guardrails are mainly used for the protection and protection of personal safety and equipment and facilities in residences, highways, commercial areas, public places, and other occasions. Guardrails can be seen everywhere in our lives. In shopping malls or holding large-scale events, crowd control can guide customers to queue up and help staff maintain order on the spot to ensure that everything goes smoothly. No matter what kind of crowd control you are looking for, you can find a good solution in Ant Display.

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Indoor crowd control specifications:

crowd controlCrowd control includes a chassis, an iron paint cover and a 2m pull strap. The total height of the product is 1000mm, of which the tube is 960mm, the chassis height is 40m, the pole has a 63mm diameter, and the chassis diameter is 340mm. The chassis with a rubber ring can eliminate the noise when moving and protect the ground from abrasion! The drawstring is usually 50mm wide and 2 meters long. The colors are red, yellow, white, blue, gray, and green. A word and a cross are optional for the pull leader. The pull strap needs to be pulled gently when in use. To better use the crowd control, we usually do not exceed the limit of 2m, usually 1.8m.

Where to use the crowd control

We usually see them in places that we own or may cause congestion. For example, banks, stations, hospitals, post offices, theaters, airports, airports, subway stations, supermarket checkout counters, and cash transaction places. They are mainly used to protect customer property and information security and to maintain the order of the crowd so that the project can proceed smoothly. At the same time, crowd control can be used in exhibition centers, hotels, clubs, clubs, business buildings, and other places as a mobile isolation protection system. Crowd control is also the best choice to divide the scope and guide the route!

How to assembly the crowd control?

The crowd control is easy to use and easy to assembly. Please buy at least two metal bases with a pull strap to use. You can first measure the location size and choose the correct quantity of crowd control. When you receive the goods, first remove the top of the metal rod, add a new pull strap and tighten the screws. The pull strap has a safety buckle, which can be rotated and fixed to avoid accidental operation and contraction of the strap. When installing the bottom, place the metal cover above the base. Then align the screws with the screw holes and tighten them. Easy to install and easy to operate

Outdoor crowd control

crowd controlPortable outdoor crowd control is mainly used to control crowded people in a short time. The fixed metal fence is usually used to control the flow of traffic. It is a very good idea for road construction or maintenance. Portable metal crowd control is used together with traffic signs, mainly to remind vehicle owners to pay attention to traffic safety, avoid accidents, and protect the safety of the construction team to the greatest extent. It is also very convenient to take away the crowd control after construction

Classification of crowd control

According to the function, it can be divided into isolation railings, protective railings, guide railings, anti-collision railings, anti-theft railings, etc.

According to mobility, crowd control can be divided into fixed railings, mobile railings, and so on.

Based on different materials, Guardrails are classified into iron crowd control, stone Isolation zone, PVC cordon, wooden fence, cement cordon, plastic steel guardrails, stainless steel guardrails, glass crowd control, etc.

With the difference of characteristics, there are artistic fences, iron fences, transparent fences, fence fences, American fences, European style fences, and so on.

Classified by appearance: crowd control includes double-sided wire fence, frame fence, double-circle fence, American mesh fence, chain fence, metal mesh.

About Ant Display

Ant Display provides all kinds of crowd control design meet special requirements. We can also add your brand logo to the pull trap. Which is also a good way to advertising your company and brand. We provide fast delivery, good quality material, and professional customer service. No matter when you need the crowd control, just contact us in Ant Display