Sneeze Guards

Are you looking for sneeze guards? Sneeze guards help protect workers and guests from the spread of seasonal or airborne diseases. It is usually found in retail stores, restaurants, convenience stores, shopping centers, pharmacies, Gas stations, schools, and spas. It works by preventing viruses in saliva and breathing from contaminating food or spreading viruses. Sneeze guard is simple to use, easy to clean, and easy to install. You can choose desktop, hanging, and floor-mounted sneeze guard options according to your needs to keep your office or public space clean. Our sneeze shield helps maintain social distancing rules and strengthen public health practices. Sneeze guard usually uses transparent materials, such as acrylic, tempered glass, plastic, etc.

Ant Display has a variety of sneeze guards to choose from. Include transparent Curved Glass Sneeze Guard, Acrylic Sneeze Guard, Adjustable Sneeze Guard, Freestanding Sneeze Guard, etc. They have unique shapes to match the decoration of different shops and can minimize the spread of diseases. Whether you are planning to invest in a pharmacy, bakery, grocery store, or coffee shop, sneeze guard can meet your requirements and create a healthy working environment. Browse Ant Display and choose your favorite Sneezeguard to ensure the safety and health of your workplace during high-risk seasons.

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Advantage of sneeze guard

  • Effective protection: This transparent, polished Sneeze is an effective exposure protection solution.
  • Impact resistance: Choose high-quality materials to produce, with a safe bevel polished edge. High impact resistance to avoid breakage.
  • Quick assembly: The sneeze guard is assembled in a few seconds. Precision pressure fittings. No hardware or tools are required for assembly.
  • Versatility: suitable for most countertops and desktops. Suitable for most service and sales environments.
  • Protection: Establish a safe zone between the customer and you/your employees to prevent saliva from splashing.

sneeze guards

Transparent Curved Glass Sneeze Guard

Tempered glass is a more durable choice. Tempered glass is shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it very suitable for retail and other high-traffic environments. The curved tempered glass sneeze guard is cost-effective, it has a super high-cost performance and as long as it is not hit hard, it is not easy to break. The curved sneeze guard has a high-end appearance and is usually placed directly on the counter to separate the food from the guests, so people cannot directly touch the food. Ant Display provides a flat sneeze guard transparent curved tempered glass sneeze guard and a double-glazed sneeze guard. 

Mark Maker Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Acrylic sneeze guard was originally designed to prevent food contamination in restaurants, buffets, and takeaway areas. Since then, transparent plastic sneeze guards have become popular in many industries. Acrylic sneeze guard has incredible transparency and visibility, has super impact resistance, is durable, and does not affect vision. Sneeze guard usually creates space between the clerk, bank teller, receptionist, and their customers. This protects employees and guests from the spread of infectious diseases. Acrylic sneeze guard is easy to clean, we only need to clean it with soapy water or detergent to get the best results.

Adjustable Sneeze Guard

The adjustable sneeze guard can be used in any foodservice application. It is to provide a stylish solution that meets the requirements of the health department. It usually has a hard metal frame, and the acrylic plate is placed in the middle of the metal frame to prevent breathing and saliva from contaminating the food. The adjustable sneeze protective cover has a curved acrylic panel that can be rotated at various angles for different uses. Size: 60"W. The minimum height is 11.75 inches and can be adjusted up to 17.81 inches in 1-inch increments. Ant Display offers a variety of sizes to choose from.

sneeze guards

Freestanding Sneeze Guard

Freestanding sneeze guard can be placed on the desktop independently, it has an ultra-wide slot to make payment, transfer documents, and goods easy. It usually has a metal base with a card slot, and the sneeze guard glass plate is placed in the middle to avoid shaking. We can also stick super glue on the bottom of the sneeze guard and fix it on the counter. Dimensions: 800mm wide x 900mm high x 250mm deep. Cut out size: 300 mm wide x 200 mm high. These sneeze guards are 8mm-10mm thick, durable and ideal for daily use even in the busiest places.

As a reliable sneeze guards manufacturer in China, Ant Display has produced unique sneeze guards for brands, street shops, and customers in the UK, Europe, America, Australia, and other regions. We sell more than 50,000 sneeze guards worldwide, and you will find our high-quality and durable sneeze guards in more than 100 stores, offices, distribution centers, banks, and more. Usually, Sneeze guards are shipped separately, and customers receive the goods and assemble them by themselves. If you have any questions about installation, please contact us as soon as possible, the sales team of Ant display is ready to help you.