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Countertop Display Cases

Every retail business space will need showcase, display cases, display racks to present the products. Ant Display countertop display cases are designed for the sale of small-scale products such as jewelry, accessories, watches, and collectibles. Items that security requirements must be balanced with visibility and ease of access requirements. Small glass display cabinets are ideal for use next to countertops, desktops, display racks, or cash desks. The compact size makes it easy to carry and can be used in handicraft exhibitions and trade fairs to display and protect commodities in a professional manner. In addition to providing peace of mind with locks and keys, these countertop display cabinets can also protect items from careless handling and maintain a dust-free environment where items can be displayed. Each countertop / desktop display cabinet is made according to a certain proportion, can provide multiple functions, and can be placed anywhere in the retail business where the display cabinet is needed. We provide a variety of designs, sizes, colors, and materials to provide you with the best solution.
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Ant Display provides a variety of countertop display cabinets, you can choose to display any merchandise, from fine jewelry to collectibles, sports memorabilia, trophies, electronics, and any other merchandise. The compact, sturdy display cabinet can light up, rotate and lock to present your items in the best condition. By allowing shoppers to clearly see your best merchandise through glass or acrylic panels, doors, and shelves, combining maximum visibility with security and increasing retail opportunities.countertop display case

Acrylic countertop display cases

When you want to display sports souvenirs, model cars, or food (such as pastries and donuts), the countertop display cabinets we offered are the best choice. Whether it's baseball, football, or basketball events, these acrylic display cabinets are a sensible and affordable alternative to custom glass display cabinets with almost the same appearance. Acrylic countertop display showcases are an economical way to display goods. Many small acrylic display cabinets displayed here are suitable for displaying souvenirs or small retail goods, such as jewelry or electronic products. Collectors like to use these display cabinets to store signed sporting goods, for example, football, baseball, or jerseys. Use these transparent acrylic display cabinets to protect your preferred sports trophy. For retail stores, some countertop display cabinet fixtures can be used to display pastries, cupcakes, or other bulk foods. These acrylic display cabinets are even very suitable for action figure collection!

The features and materials of these Acrylic countertop display cases:

  • All units shown here are made of acrylic, which is inherently safer, and if damaged, it is less liable.
  • There are some selected small display cabinets with mirror feet, which can reflect the displayed items. Rotating boxes are a good way to allow customers to view a large number of displays.
  • For materials or other product-related inquiries, please click the corresponding image above for more in-depth information.

These acrylic boxes are very effective for increasing sales in the checkout area. If the product is located near the cash register, customers will be more likely to make impulsive buying decisions.

Jewelry Countertop Display Cases

Use countertop display cabinets to meet your display needs. They have multiple choices and are an excellent choice for any jewelry store owner and other retail store owners. On our website, you will find various countertop display cases that can be used to attract more customers to your jewelry stores.

When displayed in this case, your jewelry looks more elegant and attractive. Therefore, it will attract your target audience to your store, where they can appreciate the beautiful and elegant jewelry you display. When browsing our selection of display cabinets, you will find that we offer a variety of models. They all have their specific characteristics and differ in style, material, color, size, and shape.

This variety allows you to easily find the countertop display cabinet that is best for your store. Countertop display cabinets can not only help you display jewelry, accessories, small ornaments, and other latest products to potential customers but also help you increase the appeal of the store. Based on your choice, they can provide you with the atmosphere you need to make your customers have a good first impression of your store.

Many of our countertop jewelry display cabinets are designed for top view and therefore have flat proportions-low and wide. There are many options for these products, including frameless, glass to glass box for maximum visibility, and stylish modern design, including metal frame and laminated base and deck. These designs can also be equipped with internal LED lighting, which really makes the jewelry sparkle!

Where to buy the countertop display cases?

Ant Display has a large number of countertop display cases to choose from. Our high-quality wooden mirror display cabinet is ideal for displaying precious collections and other high-value items. We also provide various acrylic cabinets and display cabinets to organize all your treasures. You can also use our acrylic display cabinet with the base to display and protect the special items in your collection.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we are happy to work with you.