Dump Bins

dump binsDump bins are open stand-alone or counter-type display containers, and merchants can display a variety of products to customers at the point of sale. Dump bins provides a very simple way to increase product awareness and create impulse sales. They are usually used for promotion, seasonal and clearance products, and are usually very popular in supermarkets, retail stores, convenience stores, daily necessities stores, cosmetics stores and toy stores. Dump bins provided by Ant Display are suitable for all retail businesses. You can place small items at the checkout counter or at the entrance to display. At the same time, Dump bins are also a good choice for office storage.

Ant display provides a series of standard sizes and styles of dump bins, such as square, hexagonal and octagonal display cabinets. The production materials include metal, MDF, cardboard, wood, and plastic. All dump bins include storage boxes. We also The product level can be improved by increasing the height and changing the shape. And you can also increase the height of the dump bin to make it easier for consumers to choose. Dump bins are easy to use, easy to assemble, and shop assistants can quickly replenish goods. Browse dump bins in Ant display and choose the one good for your business.

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Ant Display provides high-quality dump bins. They have different specifications to suit the display requirements of different items. Individually packaged foods such as potato chips, chocolate or candies are suitable for display or freestanding dump bins. Pillows, toiletries, etc. are suitable for display using wire dump bins. Socks, gloves, accessories and toys are suitable for use in countertop dump bins for storage and display. The shape of dump bins includes square, round, cylindrical and so on. They are usually used for large openings, that is, the top is slightly wider than the bottom, which increases the display area for easy selection.

dump bins

  • Plastic dump bins for slat wall
  • 4-Basket Spinner Dump Bin
  • Black or white Wire Dump Bin
  • Grid Dump Bin with Casters
  • Floor Standing dump bins

Attract customers to buy more products

Dump bins can help us classify and display products, and can place supporting products in the trash can to attract customers to buy. For example, a food retailer can put French fries or doughnuts in dump bins to attract customers to shop in your store. People will enter the shopping area for basic supplies for survival. If you use dump bins to display, I believe you will get many potential customers. Although most people know what they want to buy when they enter the store, a prominent dump bins display of your products can allow you to persuade shoppers to consider buying items that are not on their list.

Use dump to display more items

Dump bins are used in retail stores to add additional display area. When customers are choosing toiletries, they will buy soap by the way. Sometimes the items displayed in dump bins can help customers find what they need. This is undoubtedly a good way to increase sales. And you can also use dump bins to store a large amount of goods, which can help empty the inventory ideally. Putting promotional items in dump bins to show customers can increase the "value" of the product. This is why dump bins are very suitable for promotion.

Appropriate location of the dump bins

Dump bins are usually located in areas with heavy traffic so that all consumers can see the products on sale. Areas with a large number of people and areas frequented by customers can increase the goodwill of customers. These displays can attract shoppers to stay in your store longer and expand the customer's browsing footprint. You can place them anywhere in the store to increase exposure. Don't miss the following three locations

dump binsLocation 1: Near the payment point or at the entrance of the serpentine passage.

When your customers are waiting for payment, you subconsciously encourage them to add one or two items to their shopping basket.

Position 2: Top of each channel

Shoppers must go through them to find the products they want to buy. When they return to the checkout counter, they are likely to pick up an item on the way.

Location 3: In front of the store.

When shoppers come in, they will see items that are being discounted or reduced in price. For example, this alone can make them feel that the price of your product is lower than your competitors, and they can save money by shopping in your store.

No matter where you place them, make sure they can bring freshness to customers and enhance the overall shopping experience. Otherwise please remove them until you find the right place.

Dump bins are also very suitable for home use, you can use them in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, utility room. The dump bins produced by Ant display can help you store and store more items