Are you looking for forklift? Forklift is one of the most important vehicles for construction, warehouse, and dock. Forklifts can safely lift and move objects that cannot be moved by humans. Whether you need to move heavy objects in warehouses or construction sites or logistics centers, forklifts can provide safe and convenient handling services to help workers save energy and improve work efficiency. Forklift has a big family, such as warehouse forklift, telescopic forklift, industrial forklift, rough terrain forklift, and front forklift

There are a variety of styles and models of forklifts to choose from in Ant display, so you will easily choose the forklift you need. Our website covers different forklift types, high-quality equipment and popular forklift models to help you choose the forklift that suits your needs. Ant Display has modern production and display workshops, skilled workers and efficient customers service team. Our main is to provide good products and good service for every customers. No matter what you need, you can find it here.

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Forklifts are one of the most powerful vehicles for builders. Whether you need to move heavy objects in a warehouse or a construction site, forklifts can safely lift objects that humans cannot carry, making them indispensable in any work site. Because there are many styles and models to choose from, it is difficult to choose a forklift. Whether you want to rent a forklift or buy a forklift for your next project, our guide covers different forklift types, the advantages of each piece of equipment, and popular forklift models to help you choose the forklift that suits your needs.

forkliftWith the fast development of technique, forklift plays a big role in business. Different kinds of forklifts have different functions and are suitable for different occasions. There are popular styles of the forklift.

  • Warehouse forklift
  • Telescopic fork loader
  • Industrial forklift
  • Rough terrain forklift
  • Pallet jack

Introduction of forklift

Warehouse forklift

Warehouse forklifts are the most widely known type of forklifts. It is similar to a yellow golf cart with double forks in front. We usually use this type of forklift in facilities that store large amounts of goods. These trucks are very suitable for loading and unloading pallets and balancing materials and loading. A warehouse forklift is also a good helper for unloading goods. Most industrial forklifts can lift 5,000 pounds of goods, while heavy-duty forklifts can easily lift 25,000 pounds.

Telescopic fork loader

Telescopic forklifts are also called telescopic forklifts or reach forklifts. The telescopic forklift purchased from Ant display has a boom and a telescopic boom, and they are a combination of a crane and a forklift. The telescopic fork loader uses a double fork attached to the arm to move the pallet off the ground. The standard telehandler can lift 5,500 pounds of items from up to 19 feet in the air. A telescopic forklift is very suitable for entering small spaces, even at strange angles can work well.

forkliftIndustrial forklift

Industrial forklifts are also called large-capacity forklifts, which combine the functions of warehouse forklifts and telescopic forklifts. Although it cannot reach difficult angles like a telescopic forklift, an industrial forklift can lift objects heavier than a warehouse and reach higher heights. The maximum lifting capacity of an industrial forklift is 30,000 pounds. However, you need to obtain a permit to operate an industrial forklift. Compared with telescopic forklifts and warehouse forklifts, industrial forklifts have a narrower range of practicality. So we suggest you buy as needed

Rough terrain forklift

Also known as straight mast forklifts, rough terrain forklifts are designed for outdoor workplaces, especially on uneven surfaces. These forklifts are equipped with sturdy pneumatic tires to help them drive on rocky ground. Specialty tires use extra-large size and threads to make them have better balance and stability and can transport materials safely. Rough terrain forklifts are essential for outdoor applications and construction sites.

Components of a forklift

Although size plays an important role, the weight carried by the forklift due to its special design is impressive. The key elements for the success of forklift c are its lifting capacity, load center, and stability. Forklifts have different functions in each category, and we must carefully consider and select the appropriate forklift for production.

Improve abilities

Lifting capacity is the weight that a forklift can safely carry. This number is also a key factor in vehicle stability. Generally speaking, forklifts that carry too much weight are unstable. So we need to estimate the weight of the cargo before using it.

Load center

The load center is the distance from the fork to the center of gravity of the load. This amount varies according to the weight of the load, the angle of lift, and the angle of inclination. As a forklift operator, you don't have to worry about the load center, as long as you adhere to the listed load capacity and maintain load balance. If you are buying for the first time, please consult the staff for detailed information.


The stability of the forklift is also very important. The stable triangle is usually located in the area below the forklift. It maintains the center of gravity needed to prevent the vehicle from overturning. The nature of the triangle determines that the forklift is very stable and strong, you can use them with peace of mind and ensure safety