Demountable Walls Partitions

Are you worried about not making full use of the space? Demountable wall partitions can help you make full use of space. As a wall panel that can be disassembled at any time, it is used in the walls and roofs of houses and buildings. It can not only be partitioned and supported but is also very common in our daily lives. Whether it is an office, a conference room, a hotel, or a physical store, we can use Demountable wall partitions to divide the space. One of the biggest advantages is that it can be disassembled repeatedly, which is flexible and convenient.

Ant Display is a company dedicated to the design, production, and sales of removable mobile partition walls. Our main business includes detachable partition walls, mobile partition walls, bench desks, and other office furniture. To better meet people's requirements for partition walls in the office environment, Demountable wall partitions produced by Ant display break the limitation that the original partition walls cannot be dismantled at will, making the office space more flexible and comfortable. It can be decorated according to our specific, Randomly cut into the size you want. If you are looking for a good solution, please do not miss our demountable wall partitions.

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Why choose demountable wall partitions?

Good material

With the improvement of environmental protection, energy-saving, and human aesthetic level, traditional partition walls can no longer meet the needs. They are monotonous in decoration, complicated in installation, time-consuming, easy to be damaged or age, and cannot be replaced. Demountable wall partitions can be made of high-efficiency fireproof materials according to specific requirements, with good fireproof performance. The surface can be decorated with plywood, fireproof board, paint board, wallpaper, soft cloth, and so on. You can also choose a unified decoration style, which is beautiful and generous and leaves a good impression on people.

Easy to use

The demountable wall partitions of the Ant display can be disassembled according to our needs. It is very convenient when it is installed or when it is moved, and it is also very simple to operate. One person can complete the entire process of partitioning. It is safe and stable when it is disassembled and moved, and it does not affect other house structures and will not damage our walls and ground. And when you want to expand the space, you can put the demountable wall partitions away, they can be hidden in a dedicated storage cabinet without affecting the overall effect

Good sound insulation

This kind of demountable wall partition has a particularly good sound insulation effect. The demountable wall partitions provided by Ant display have operating handles hidden in them, and the mechanical sealing devices are very reliable. It can divide the space arbitrarily according to the track, and there is no need to worry about various turning points because it can pass smoothly and maximize our space.

privacy protection

Demountable wall partitions can also protect the privacy of guests. Because customers want to not be disturbed, and when the number of private rooms cannot meet their needs, we can add a detachable partition wall, which has a multi-purpose function, and the mobile partition wall can be removed when we don’t need it. . Demountable wall partitions can not only make our space no longer so single but also can add some vitality to our space.

Wide range of applications

We can see Demountable wall partitions on many occasions. For example, hotels, guesthouses, exhibition halls, offices, business buildings, dining halls, exhibition centers, offices, banquet halls, multi-function halls, schools, museums, factories, dance halls, and other indoor public places. It is widely used and has excellent insulation performance. According to different occupancy rates, the large space is divided into small spaces to reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner.