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The pharmacy drawer is used to store different kinds of medicines. It is an indispensable storage furniture for hospitals, pharmacies and clinic shop. It can help pharmacists quickly find the medicines they need, and it is very convenient and practical to use. It is one of the most important furniture for storing medicines. It can be made into different depths and widths according to specific requirements. It can also be divided into many grids to make full use of every little space. Different labels will be affixed on the outside of pharmacy drawer unit, and it can also be made into different colors. You can quickly find the location of the corresponding medicine through the color and label; and it can protect the medicine from moisture.

Ant display limited can supply you different kinds of pharmacy drawers, no matter stainless steel drawers or wood drawers, no matter modern style,vintage style or unique style, we all can customize for you.Our pharmacy drawers are greatly welcomed by customers because the streamlined shape and durability. We are a direct factory specialize in making customized pharmacy shop furniture 12 years, we attach great importance on production quality, the metal and wood are selected carefully before we order. Ant display can design and customize pharmacy drawers according to your store style and the size of the place. No matter you are a big pharmacy or a small clinic, we can maximize the use of space to provide you with solutions.

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  1. High Quality Pharmacy Drawer | Stainless Steel RX Storage Cabinet
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  2. Chinese Medicine Wall Cabinet | Hot Selling Wooden Chinese Medicine Stand
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The pharmacy drawer is not only used for display but also plays a role in storing and protecting medicines. It is very important.

How to choose a pharmacy drawer for your medical shop?

The first step: choose the appearance of the pharmacy drawer

The appearance of the medicine drawer unit directly affects the customer's first impression, so you need to choose a pharmacy drawer with an exquisite appearance and in line with the overall decoration style of the drug store.

The second step: Choose the style of pharmacy drawer

The style of the pharmacy drawer determines the way the medicines are displayed and which medicines are suitable to put. You can choose different medicine cabinets according to the types and shapes of medicines.

The Third step: Choose the material of the medicine drawers

Pharmacy drawers can be divided into three types: steel drawers, wood drawers, and solid wood drawers according to their materials.

Steel pharmacy drawer

pharmacy drawers

The steel medicine cabinet is made of stainless steel, which is very durable and waterproof and has a stable steel structure, which will not react with medicinal materials. It can also be used to display bulk medicines. The steel medicine cabinet is slightly weaker in terms of aesthetics, but it is cheaper in price, which can save a lot of costs, very suitable for small pharmacies.

Wooden pharmacy drawer

medicine drawers for sale

Wooden pharmacy drawers are usually made of plywood or MDF, and the surface can be wood laminate, veneer, or baking finish. Traditional and modern styles can be realized through various wood grain decorations. Compared with solid wood drawers, the price is more favorable, multi-color wood grain and colors are available, the decoration and matching are more flexible.

Solid wood pharmacy drawer

pharmacy shop cabinet

The cabinet body of the solid wood drawer is made of natural solid wood. After the baking paint is finished, it can achieve a beautiful and atmospheric display effect. Because the price is relatively expensive, it is not recommended to use in small and medium pharmacies. It is suitable for large chain pharmacies.


What questions you may behave before order?

1.What’s the price of the pharmacy drawer?

A: The price need to check according to the style and size. Different styles the materials used are different. You need to check which style you like, then we will check the price as the style you like.

2.How long is the delivery time?

A: After you confirmed the order and we received the deposit, we will start the production. The production progress will need about 20-22 workdays.

3.Will you ship it whole assembled?

A: Yeah we will ship the medicine drawer whole assembled. We will assemble the handles, locks, sliding rails, lights, and logos(if have one). If the size big we will divide it into several sections, if the size small we will pack the whole piece then send you.

4.How is your packing? is it safe?

A: Yeah our packing is very safe. Firstly we will clean all surfaces and use protective film to cover all surfaces. Second, we will use EFE foam to protect all frames and hardware. Finally, we will put the cabinet into a hardwood box. So it is very strong.

5.Can I customize the pharmacy drawer?

A: Sure, we have a professional design team, you can tell us your needs, we will help you design the pharmacy drawer system as your needs.


Ant display limited is committed to helping small and medium-sized pharmacies owners start their businesses. We have the most creative styles and the best prices. Here you will get what you want.