LED Pharmacy Cross Sign


The LED pharmacy cross sign is a very effective advertising tool. It is widely used for pharmacies, drug stores, medicine stores, hospitals, clinic shops, etc. They are greatly welcomed by European countries. It can be used both indoors and outdoors to highlight your pharmacy in the city and impress potential customers. Compared with traditional neon lights, it is more energy-saving, safe, and environmentally friendly.


Ant display is an expert in making different kinds of signs, like LED signs, Neon lights signs, acrylic signs, backlit signs, etc. The LED pharmacy cross sign is one of our hot sale products. We always attached great importance to customers’ needs, aim to supply the signs suitable for them. We have a strict quality inspection team, from material select to production, to assemble, we will have people help you take care of quality to give you nice work. And even you want to customize your own sign, we can also help. Our design team will help design the cross sign as your needs. Browse our web you will find different styles of LED pharmacy cross sign.

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Why Choose Our LED pharmacy cross sign?

LED pharmacy cross sign

1.publicity effect is good

Our Led cross sign very bright, so even people who stand far distance, can also see the sign easily. So it can help customers find a pharmacy quickly. And the eye-catching sign can help attract customers.

2.Our LED pharmacy cross sign is cost-effective

they continue to shine for tens of thousands of hours, so can use very long time, can help you save cost.

3.It has different patterns, colors, and models for your choice

led sign for sale

4.Our LED pharmacy cross sign is energy saving

5.The time-temperature display can show on the sign

6.The sign screen is high-resolution, can show text and patterns very clearly

7.Installation is very easy 

The sign will like a box, wires went inside in advance after you received, you just need to connect electricity, it is very easy.

8.Our sign is very durable and reliable

The screen area will use durable acrylic, frames as usually use stainless steel or Aluminum, the surface is water-proof, can use a very long time.