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New Chinese Style Square Glass Display Cabinet Boutique Museum Jewelry Display Case With Lock

Attractive Museum Plinth Display Case

Attractive Museum Plinth Display Case Custom New Indoor Store Design Pedestal Display Counter

Museum Display Furniture |High-end Glass Showcase

  1. Environmentally friendly paint, wear-resistant, and non-fading
  2. High-quality accessories
  3. Support size and color customization
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There are many styles of display cabinets in the museum. Because the display cabinets are all cultural relics and valuable things, the quality of the display cabinets used is also very high. Our common museum display cabinets are generally black, brown, or some darker colors. They are a combination of the glass cover and stand. Museum cabinets are relatively tall because we generally look up or down the things we are visiting, so the height of the cabinets is also required. 

display showcase

The display cabinet to be introduced today is relatively simple. It comes in black and white colors. The bottom is a cabinet and the top is a glass cover. The place above the stand is the display. There is a light strip installed inside the glass cover, so we can clearly see what is displayed inside. Both the glass cover and the cabinet underneath have installation locks. It can protect our property safety.

Museum Showcase Material

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Glossy baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Toe Kick: Stainless steel

Others: LED light, hardware

display stand


  1. The palate is firm, not easy to shake, and has a long service life.
  2. Environmentally friendly paint, wear-resistant, and non-fading
  3. High-quality accessories
  4. Support size and color customization


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museum showcase


We have our own factory, the size of this display cabinet is 50x50x120cm, and the glass height is 40cm. We will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. The baking paint we use is bright baking paint, the surface is very smooth and shiny. We will install all the accessories and light strips. We use stainless steel for the skirting, which can be well protected to the base of the cabinet.

When you receiving the goods, you just need to connect the transformer, then connect the and wire to the shop power supply. It can work.


Our packing boxes are wooden boxes, and the cabinets themselves will also be packed. Especially for the glass part, we will use pearl cotton and stretch film to wrap the entire cabinet, and then put it in a wooden box with foam boards. A fragile label will be affixed to the outer packing box, and we have also bought insurance for the goods. So it is very safe.

We also have services to help customers transport. The transportation method is by sea, we can ship to your designated port and door address. The freight and transit time depend on the volume of the goods and your country.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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