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Museum high-end display case | free-standing museum showcase for sale

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Have you been to a museum? We all know that the things in the museum are very valuable. They are all displayed in the glass cabinet. We can't touch, we can only see from the outside. This is similar to a jewelry display cabinet. Their characteristics are very precious. Since it is a display of valuables, our display cabinets should also look high-quality and durable. There are many styles of museum display cabinets. The difference between them and jewelry display cabinets is that museum display cabinets do not have cabinets or drawers. Some are all glass, some are glass in the upper part and the base in the lower part. There are lights on the glass cabinets of the display cases so that we can display the items.

What I want to introduce today is a very simple display cabinet. It is divided into two parts, display, and base. We can see that its base is four stainless steel legs covered with a glass cover. The glass covers are all locked, and visitors cannot open them.

Museum display case details

  • Glass cover size: 40x40x40cm
  • Base height: 120cm
  • Total height: 160cm
  • Material: Tempered glass, stainless steel
  • Surface finish: Baking paint
  • Light: LED light strip
  • Others: Lock, key
  • Production time: About one week
  • Our location: Shenzhen, China

Generally, we will manufacture this kind of display cabinet in batches. Our minimum order quantity is 5 sets. we have our own factory. After the customer places an order, we will submit the detailed drawings of the product to the factory. Our workers will strictly follow the content of the drawings to produce. This display cabinet is very simple. We only need to make the base and install the glass on it. After installing the glass, we need to install the light strip. If you have requirements for the direction of the wires, you can tell me.


Our packaging is a wooden box, and a display cabinet is packed in a wooden box. Since our display cabinets are equipped with glass, glass is fragile. When we pack, we will pack the display cabinet first. The edge of the cabinet will be protected with pearl cotton, and the glass will be wrapped with stretch film a few times. Foam boards are also placed inside our wooden boxes, so it is very safe.

Ant Display

We are a customized company, we can provide whatever furniture you need. If you do not find the style you like on our website. You can send me pictures of products you like. We will customize according to the style you like. Our price mainly depends on the size, material, and style of the display cabinet. When the goods are completed, we can ship them to your port or the address you specify. You can contact us if you have any questions.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials stainless steel, tempered glass
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