Museum high-end display case | free-standing museum showcase for sale

Museum high-end display case | free-standing museum showcase for sale

Cultural relic display cabinet | museum glass case for sale

Cultural relic display cabinet | museum glass case for sale

Museum Display Stand for Glass Display Showcase in Retail Store for Sale

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The museum is a place for collecting, storing, displaying and researching physical objects representing natural and human cultural heritage. They mainly categorize and manage collections. Its main purpose is to provide knowledge and education to the public. The museum is a non-profit permanent institution that is open to the public and provides services for social development with the purpose of learning, education, and entertainment. Therefore, there are many exhibitions in the museum. Inside the museum, it is also divided into several different halls. Different pavilions, his arrangement is also different.

In the museum, we need to pay attention to the display cabinets. The advantage of the display cabinets is that you can display cultural relics to the public. Generally, cultural relics cannot be touched. Therefore, glass must be added to the display cabinet to prevent visitors from touching it. Cultural relics can be protected only by avoiding visitors' touch.

Museum Display Showcase

In the museum display showcase, we use solid wood as the main material. For the top of the display showcase, we will install the three light to make the whole display showcase more bright. For the display area, there are four layers to display cultural relics. At the bottom of the display showcase, we will install the lamp bulb. At the bottom of the display stand, we will install the cabinet to store the goods.


  • Material, solid wood
  • Size: 1000x300x1800mm
  • Color, wood color
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle,
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe, glass


When you place an order, we will submit the order to the factory. The factory will arrange orders. First of all, the materials will be prepared according to your display cabinet. Each of our cabinets has its own construction drawings. Our workers will construct according to the construction drawings. The first is the production of wooden cabinets. The size and shape of the wooden cabinet are made according to the construction drawings. The finished wooden cabinet needs to be polished and polished. This process takes a long time. Because polishing is to make the surface of the wooden cabinet more smooth, the finished product after the painting is more beautiful. After polishing, four coats of primer should be applied. The primer is to make the topcoat look better. After applying the primer, we need to paint the cabinet, which is the topcoat. The topcoat requires customers to choose their favorite color. Then our workshop will adjust according to the color card.

The paint needs to be baked at a high temperature. Let it rest overnight after baking. After baking, start to install bulbs, glass, and other accessories.


Our packaging is very safe. Its main function is to strictly protect our display cabinets. The first thing we need to do is to pack this showcase. We will use foam to fix the corners and sides of the showcase. Then wrap the whole with stretch film, which can protect our showcase well. Another advantage of the stretch film is that it can fix the foam. The outer packaging is a wooden box. After putting the display cabinet into the packing box, there is a foam baffle inside the box for double protection. When you receive the goods, connect it to the store's power supply. On the packaging box, we will affix a mark and a fragile label, so we will pack very carefully.

Ant Display

We are an export company specializing in the furniture industry with 13 years of experience. You can find the furniture you like on our website. If you don't have a style you like, please contact us, we can help you order new styles according to your requirements. Regardless of the size, shape, and color of the display cabinet, we can meet your requirements. We have partnerships with customers in many countries, no matter where you are, we can ship the goods to your country. And we also hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.

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