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Cultural relics are relics and relics of historical, artistic, and scientific value leftover by human beings in social activities. It is a precious historical and cultural heritage of mankind. We can often see this cultural heritage in museums. Therefore, everything displayed in the museum is very valuable. It allows us to learn the previous culture, history, and human geography and plays a very important role in our modern development. Therefore, we must protect these cultural relics. In the museum, everything we see is displayed in glass cabinets. The application of glass shelf cabinets is very extensive. It is transparent and strong. This determines its role.

For valuable things, we can only see from a distance, not touch, and we must prevent others from stealing. Glass display cabinets can achieve these points well. People can see their contents, but they cannot touch the contents. Tempered glass has high hardness and is not prone to scratches. It is the first choice for jewelry and museum display cabinets. 

The showcase I am going to introduce today is very common in museums. When we visit the cultural relics in the museum, we are often used to looking up or looking up. Rarely would squat down to see things, which is very inconvenient for our experience and visit. So our display cabinet is often divided into two parts, the base, and the glass display cabinet. Generally, the base is about 950-1100mm high, and the height of the glass can be determined according to the cultural relics we display.

Cultural relic display case details

Size: 500x600x2200mm

Basic material: Tempered glass, MDF

Surface finish: Matt baking paint

Kick: Stainless steel

Others: LED light


We can clearly see its structure and display from the design drawing. There is a small raised table above the base, where we can put the cultural relics. There is a light strip installed on the top of our glass so that visitors can clearly see what is inside. In the museum, there are many styles of display cabinets. Because different cultural relics are displayed in different ways. The one I introduced above is suitable to be placed in the middle. This way we can see it from all directions, and the number of visitors can be a little more.

Museum display case

If you are ordering display cabinets for a museum, we suggest that you can do a 3D design for the entire museum first. We can design suitable display cabinets according to your requirements or the cultural relics in the museum. After confirming the design, we can buy it together. We can also know the style, effect, and quantity of the showcase we will buy. In this way, we can purchase the display cabinets we need at one time. 

Can it be customized?

Yes, Of course. We are a custom company, if you want to customize the display case, you can tell me your requirements. We can design the case according to your ideas. After we finish the design, you can check, If no problem, we can start production. Our price is based on the final design.

How do you pack?

Our packaging has two layers. The first floor is the installation of the cabinet itself, and the other is the outer packaging. Our inner packaging is pearl cotton, stretch film, and foam board, and the outer packaging is a wooden box.

How can I receive it in my country?

When the goods are completed, we will ship to your designated port or your specific address. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will inform you of the pick-up time in advance. You need to find an agent to help you clear the customs, we will send you the information needed for customs clearance. After customs clearance is complete, you can hire a truck to pick up the goods.

Is the design free?

For the design of an entire museum, our design fee depends on the content of the design fee and the area of the store. If you are only designing a display cabinet, the design fee is about $100. When you place an order, the design fee will be deducted from the balance.

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Color brown
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint, Tempered glass
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